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I am getting more comfortable. I went out lastnight, not on the town, just walking around. It is multi-sensory overload. So many smells, it is amazing. Every street brings a new smell. Lights going so fast during nighttime rush hour. Sounds of motor bikes whizzing in and out of traffic sometimes going in the direction of traffic, sometimes going backwards sometimes going side ways...their objective appears to simply arrive quickly, safety checked at the curb. Horns giving quick blasts to say "MOVE IT." At least they are polite enough and do not add hand gestures to their blasts, eh?

Something I have noticed is the addition of small mirrors on the back of many vehicles--mostly CRVs (YAY, that's MY CAR!) to assist in parallel parking I would imagine. I might see if I can get one back home cause I stink at parking.

I digress, right now I am in the historical district. THey are preparing for the King's upcoming birthday. They love and adore their King. Even his palace is humble by comparison to what our dear Bush might dwell within. This is Ratcha (I think that is the word) Gau (nine), meaning the 9th King. He has been on the Throne for 60 years and is held in the absolute highest regard to Thais. In fact, he is regarding world-wide for being the longest sitting King. I just read that his Wife recently published a book of their travel tales, that could be an interesting read.

After my blog entry yesterday, I meandered down to Paragon something. This is a massive mall that has all the expensive brands like Gucci, Prada, etc. I cannot wait to go purchase the exact same (knock-offs) on the street markets this weekend for fraction of the price. I am ready to bargain, increasing my numbers-knowledge and act of not being terribly interested. The mall itself was, well, a mall. Expensive shirts included those that range in the 1,000--1,500 BHT range, translation this is only about 50 US$. Yes, that is pricey, but not the froufrou prices one might expect to pay in the upscale malls in America. Still, I did not purchase, the streets beckon. Everytime I even looked at an item, a bevy of sales people rushed to my aid. Taking things off hangers, ushering me into changing rooms and unfolding scarves I was loking at for my mentor. I felt bad knowing I was not going to buy any of it.


Ok, not so quick update anymore, but I must depart. I think something is coming up...maybe we will walk around the Historical area more. I will update probably tomorrow or Saturday. I have just started taking pictures and will try to find a way to add them. I think I can pop my memory card into Eddie's and burn them to CD from his computer then upload at the kiosk.



I have a thai # now, but I do not recall what it is. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

mamaduck says:
Happy Turkey Day!! Can't wait to see pictures. Don't forget to include yourself in a few. Love and miss you. Mom
Posted on: Nov 23, 2006
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