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Well, after a rather smooth ride, we arrived at Key West yesterday. Having departed Saint Petersburg, FL, at about 6:15ish (only slightly off of our 5:00--6:00 window), the trip was much shorter and less painful than anticipated--arriving around 1:ooish. the only traffic we hit, which was anticipated by other Key West cronies, was the virtuall all one lane "high way" leading through the channel of Keys. Even that wasn't too bad. Partially because I frequent Gulf Blvd back home on a saturday and understand the tourist traffic. Only this time, I was a tourist too.

Driving through Key Largo, Duck Key, etc. looked just like home, except we could see water on both sides. The bridges were plentiful and beautiful. I love how the Keys maintains, well, I wouldn't really use that word "maintains" too strictly, but at least they don't simply destroy their old bridges. They are still there, in a ruinous state. It gives a certain kind of regal, old world feel. I almost felt like they were telling us tourists "we have our ways, and we like them. Don't mess with them. Thank you and enjoy!" And so we have.

Visiting in July, we thought the temps would be horrendous. And they are. In fact, without a breeze and no shade, I would call it nearly brutal. But generally there is a breeze and shade SOMEWHERE to be found. We purchased a small hand-held fan at an old theatre-turned wal-greens for $3.99. Let me tell you, you get what you pay for. I broke it during dinner (only 30 minutes later) while eating at Crabby Dick's.

Speaking of eating. The food here is tourist good. It's overpriced, but not overwhelming. Like eating in any ocean-front resort area, really. And the food is good. It's not great, not bad, but good.

Yesterday, in search of a fabulous drag show, we had severl suggestions of going to Aqua. the $12 cover charge was a bit of a shock. But our server said the show would last THREE HOURS! Ok, not so bad now. But ar ehte queens good? The hostess was. . . rather mundane. But honey, the performers worked their asses off! We never tipped so much in any drag show and I've seen them world-wide now. The audience was a pleasent mix of gay, lesbian and straight. It was neither pretentious nor too laid back. The atmosphere was jjust perfect. The server was a good combo of new york meets key west. The queens were OUT OF THIS WORLD good. I would say the best show I have seen. Whether you are gay o rstraight, seen one or countless, shell out the $12 and see this show! The drinks were totally reasonably priced at $4.50 each and generous with the content, shall we say. Some people were there definitely to hook up, but it was not that kind of bar--it actually had respect and honor.

Today, we're renting scooters, going to the Southern most tip of America (at least USA), possibly catching a ghost tour and who knows what else. I hope to update with some pictures tomorrow.

I'm back.


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Key West
photo by: X_Drive