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wow! Two years of talk, and it's finally coming to fruition! I'm FINALLY creating my first travelblog entry to document my much-anticipated trip to Thailand. Ok, if you want to know the HONEST truth, this is my third entry...I am testing a couple travelblogs out. I know absolutely NO HTML, I don't even know how to work the video part of my digital camera, and yet I think in one hour, I can perfect my travel blog. HA! Anyone out there wanna help?

Let's see, I am going to try to embed some pics in here lifted from the Net, going to attempt to manipulate the font a bit and e-mail ya'll to let you know I'm up and running. Care to join me on this journey? Many of you already have.

So for my birthday, my parents gifted me with some seriously useful stuff i.e. this  massive memory card! On the HIGHEST setting on my camera, it holds virtually 3,000 pics! The lowest more than 9,999. Many of these pics you will get to see, some I may reserve for my private collection. mwahaha

I also was given, I am sure by my mom's creativity and her coupon-queen ingenuity, two clear bags of travel items like this  and  What do you think she is trying to tell me!? Thank you mom!!! In addition, I received US$ to help with my journey (I think my mom, dad and brother just want to make sure I bring them souvenirs, hehe). I have a list of ideas, but not sure. You'll have to wait for that!

Ok, more later, Let us see if this worked first!

more to come within hours!

mamaduck says:
I wasn't trying to tell you anything (ha ha). I was just being practical, yet amusing. Plus don't poke fun at my money saving tendencies, you have benefitted greatly from them. As to the money, we knew you would bring us souvinirs, we just wanted to make sure they were good ones. After all the little apple doesn't fall far from the thrifty tree.
Posted on: Nov 18, 2006
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so we're working on T Minus 10 and I'm still totally not ready! I mean, seriously, one would think this is a spur-of-the-moment trip instead of two years in the making! Oh well, that's me! I did, however, measure my luggages so I know I can just cram my crap in there and I'm good to go! I also bought a new backpack for work, making it a tax write-off, that I will also use for my thailand journey!

I exchanged all my loose change and singles into larger dollar amounts. Did you know you have to pay a 4% surcharge on Travellers Cheques? That's rediculous! SO, I only bought some and am carrying the rest in US cash.

What else...oh, I checked on the weather. Looks like Florida a few weeks ago. Hot and rainy. Sounds familiar. BUT I'll be in a new place so maybe not so bad!

Some of you have asked about my phone situation. I have been asking that same damn thing! I have been trying to get an unlocked quad phone that I can simply plug a sim card into and go. It's not been such a fruitful search though! In any case, I will eventually have some kind of thailand phone that you may call. I don't know how, when or ANY of the details BUT i do know you can go to this www.callingcardplus.com website to purchase inexpensive calling cards to call me!

OK, that's it for now. I'm off to purchase a few more magazines to read for my trip. I'm trying to convince my friend, Sherri, to let me borrow her portable DVD player. It just now donned on me I have a 14-hour non stop flight. When was the last time you saw me sit still for ANY length of time!? Much less 14 hours (that's mroe than half a day!) in an AIRPLANE!