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Nice Southern California traffic on the way to Hollywood. Took us a long time to get there, even though we are probably 30 to 45 minutes away with no traffic.
Last night my friend and I drove out to Hollywood to see Gavin De Graw at the House of Blues. It was a pretty great show. We were actually at the same show in Claremont, CA out junior year of college, but did not know each other yet. So, it was like a completing of a circle. He is another great performer. I really enjoy his music and his stage presence. He sang almost his entire second album as well as a handful off of his first album. The House of Blues: Hollywood is a quaint little place. I enjoyed the decorations inside and the atmosphere that was created. Gavin's brother Joey opened up and then a band called Charlotte Sometimes played after him.
.. AND THEN Gavin played! Woo Hoo! All was fabulous. I almost died when they found my camera in my purse (just before getting in. Forgot I had it) and I had to run up a huge hill, run to a crosswalk, and then run up another hill to get to my friends car, to drop my camera off. I then ran back! Ahhh.... but I made it and got to enjoy the splendors of great music. It is really nice when you are really into a musician and their live performances are better than the CD. I was very fortunate and was able to stand next to Gavin De Graw's #1 FAN! Well... she acted like it anyhow. She was probably 45 or so and single. She was bopping all over the place and throwing her arms in the air and when Gavin sang a love song or two... she would hold her hands at her heart and point at him periodically. She really felt he was singing just to her.... special. The night unfortunately had to end. We got home just before 1:30 am. My friend is a first grade teacher... let's just say she was not happy when she had to get up at 5:45 this morning! Check out any House of Blues if you can, they are neat and they have concerts every night of the week.
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Nice Southern California traffic o…
Nice Southern California traffic …
photo by: X_Drive