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There goes the sun (du dn du du) There goes the sun And I say It’s alright
Old School Music Facts
George Harrison wrote the original Un-Old Schooled song in Eric Clapton's garden using one of Clapton's acoustic guitars. When the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein died in 1967, the band had to handle more of their accounting and business affairs, which Harrison hated. He wrote this after attending a round of business meetings.
The instrumental break is similar to Badge which Harrison helped Clapton write for his band Cream.  The music begins on the left channel and gradually moves to the right as Harrison's vocal begins.  This song was inspired by the long winters in England which Harrison thought went on forever. 
Old School changed the words to better fit the sunset in Gibsonton.
Little darling It’s been a long hot lonely summer Little darling It seems like years since it’s been here

John Lennon did not play on this. Around this time, he was making a habit of not playing on Harrison's compositions as the two were not on the best of terms. The two eventually settled their differences as George contributed quite a bit to Lennon's album Imagine 2 years later.
Harrison sang lead vocals, played acoustic guitar and used his newly acquired Moog synthesizer on this. It was one of the first Pop songs to feature a Moog synthesizer.  The Moog sythesizer may or may not been have been 1st. played for George by After School Bill.
In 2006, this was voted by the members of the forum as their favorite song of his.
In 1976 a cover by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel was a #10 hit in the UK.
 Richie Havens covered this in 1971. The Beatles' version never charted, but his hit #16 in the US.
There goes the sun There goes the sun And I say It’s alright
Others who have covered this include Nina Simone and Peter Tosh.
On November 20, 1976, Harrison performed this with Paul Simon on Saturday Night Live. On a previous show, producer Lorne Michaels offered The Beatles $3,000 (union minimum), to show up and perform. He said they could split it up any way they wanted; giving Ringo less if they felt like it. Lennon and McCartney were watching together in New York at the time and almost went. On the show when Harrison performed this, there is a skit where he is arguing with Michaels over the money. Michaels tries to explain that the $3000 was for the whole group, and he would have to accept less.
When Harrison died in 2001, many artists performed this at their concerts as a tribute. It was played at the induction ceremonies of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as part of the all-star jam.
There Goes the Sun by Old School Bill & Friend George
Recorded at the Old School Canal Studios & Bait Shop
Music by Maggie & the Manatees
Lead Singer-Maggie Manatee
Bass- MoMo Manatee
Lead Guitar-Jake the Snake
Rhythm Guitar-Burt Blue
Drums- Ringo Starr
Post Production work by Man Bag
Cover Art by Izzzy Lizzzard
Lighting by BOB of Drekbilldaly
Roadies-Larry, Moe & Curley Joe
CD Release Party 7-21-08
Gibsonton VFW Post #5120
Hwy 41  Sunset untill????
Food Services by Portales
sUrAbUyA says:
To me music is a big part of travel, whether a countries tradtional or what's popular around the world at that time.
Also many cities like Liverpool and Detroit and Cleveland (Hall OF Fame)can be music destibations
Posted on: Nov 18, 2010
oldschoolbill says:
Thanks it was fun to do I think I will get back to doing more of them!!
Posted on: Nov 08, 2010
joehobo says:
So much of research and so well presented.Great work.
Posted on: Nov 08, 2010
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There goes the sun (du dn du du)
There goes the sun (du dn du du) …
Little darling
It’s been a long…
Little darling It’s been a lon…
There goes the sun
There goes the…
There goes the sun There goes th…
Little darling
The smiles returni…
Little darling The smiles return…
There goes the sun (du dn du du)
There goes the sun (du dn du du) …
Sun, sun, sun, sun  Little darling
Sun, sun, sun, sun Little darling
There goes the sun (du du du du)
There goes the sun (du du du du) …
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photo by: oldschoolbill