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SO, as it turns out, cardrooms are legal in California. I decide that I should celebrate my last day in the states with a little poker action in the most popular poker room in the area; Bay 101 in San Jose. I was excited, since I've seen this place on the TEE VEE. My flight to Taipei wasn't until 1:35 the next day anyways, so I had alloted myself time for a good poker session and a solid night's sleep before it was time to roll. I grab a quick bite at a pizza place, and following about an hour of transit (and 20 bucks in cab and train fares) I arrive. It's a real nice place. The don't have the security checkpoints that I'm used to in Missouri casinos, but even so, I get carded 3 times; twice by an old Bengalese dude in his 60's. I make my way to the poker room, and ask for an omaha game. There's 10 on the list, and they're not opening another table, I'm told. So, I decide to play a little holdem while I wait. The table is loose-passive for the most part, and mostly Asian. I do alright being patient and picking my spots, and after 5 hours, I'm up a buyin. So I'm getting pretty tired and hungry, and just as I get up to leave, they call my name for Omaha. Ugh. After food and transit costs, I'm only up about 15 bucks. Not the best day, but at least I had fun. I get back to the apartment around 11:30..ready to crash. As I'm checkin the train schedule and my itinerary for tomorrow, I realize that it's in military time, and my flight is actually in an hour and a half..I frantically call a cab and cram all my stuff into my pack, 100% sure I'm going to miss my flight. Luckily, I arrive at SFO with about 20 minutes to spare. Hopefully this'll be my one close call of the trip. =P
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