wtf is carl's jr?!?

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So, I'm finally out in California...St. Louis was fun, but my plan to 'sleep it off on the plane' kinda backfired. Allow me to explain. After watching the atrocity that passed for an Indiana Jones movie in an iMax theater, we went to drown our sorrows in a bottle in an attempt to black out the crapfest we had just seen. Later, the prospect of hash browns and eggs was too tempting, and it ended up being a late night. A couple of hours later, it was time for my flight. Pretty standard, right?

So, security and boarding went off without a hitch, and after finding my seat, I was ready to crash(not literally) and wake up in SFO. Several minutes later, a couple finds their seat in front of me. with a screaming baby. No problemo, I don my earplugs, and am ready to get back to nap city. And then I discover that the gentleman assigned to seat 20D (my seat buddy, if you will) is a lil overweight, and after getting settled in, he LIFTS THE ARMREST between us. So, we're like, touching and his fat is going everywhere, and it's a little uncomfortable. I'd doze off for a couple of minutes, and wake up to his fat crawlin on my leg. ugh.

After what feels like an 8 hour flight, we finally arrive in San Fransisco. After switchin trains a couple of times, and luggin my pack a couple of blocks, I get to my gramps' apt. One last note. As I'm watchin this weird west coast tv, I see what is clearly a Hardee's commercial come on. Same voiceover guy, same super unhealthy looking food, but at the end, he says 'only at Carl's Jr.' My mind was BLOWN. I can only imagine what kind of culture shock I will experience in India and Africa. =P
pearcetoyou says:
haha...yeah, carls jr and hardees are the same thing. They are owned by the same company! But go to In N Out! It's much better!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2008
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