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I went out to Auschwitz today.  I met up with a guy from New Zeland at the hostel and we decided to head over together.  We  took the guided tour and it was pretty incredible.  I've heard all about the holocaust during school, but actually seeing the camp was something else.  The second camp was absolutely huge and being in the gas chamber and where the prisoners lived was chilling (I can't really come up with a better word than that, but there is probably one out there).  Some of the displays they had were really shocking.  They had various possesions from prisoners, such as brushes and pots and pans that they brought thinking they were being moved to a new home.  There was also a room with tens of thousands of pairs of shoes (I believe it was 20,000).
This is the first camp
  And probably the one that struck me the most was a case with 2000 kg of human hair.  They would shave the heads of the prisoners as they arrived and use the hair to make fabric for uniforms.  In the case some of the hair was still braided the way it was when they arrived on the train.

It wasn't a particularly upbeat day, but it was definitely worth the visit. 

Later that night I met some people from England and we hung out and played pool at the hostel for a while.

This morning I got up and went to the castle in Krakow where the Polish royalty used to live and a number of churches as well.  I had some Perogies for lunch in the main square and they were really good.  I'm heading on the train to Prague tonight and will be getting into town about 6:30 tomorrow morning.

I'll try to pull some pictures off of my camera if I can get to a computer with an accessible USB port.
klmullaly says:
Thanks for the update. Sounds like you are meeting others and having a good time. Enjoy Prague. What type of perogies did you have? Grandpa would be so proud :)
Posted on: Jun 11, 2008
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This is the first camp
This is the first camp
Whats left of the second camp.  I…
What's left of the second camp. …
Horse stables converted to cells
Horse stables converted to cells
Work Brings Freedom
"Work Brings Freedom"
photo by: Jeroenadmiraal