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Chamos, como esta la vaina?

From Puerto La Cruz I took a night-bus to Ciudad Bolivar. As I fell asleep, I missed the stop and ended up in a town called San Felix, 100km too far, in the middle of the night. There was little more I could do than just waiting for the first bus back to Ciudad Bolivar. Immediately after the arrival there, I was called by two guys, offering me a pretty good deal to go on a 3-day trip to the Salto Angel, with a drop of almost 1km the highest water-fall in the world. Easy as I am, I answered the call and 1 hour later I found myself on a flight in a Cesna-plane from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima, a semi-indigeneous town in te middle of what is called Guyana (not to be mixed up with the neighbouring country). Guayana is the oldest landscape in the world: 2e9 years old (yes, engineers will be engineers ;-) ).  It is a swampy kind of Savana with table-mountains or ´tepuis´. 

DAY1: A group of 4 Italian people, 2 Spanish, 1 German (Tobias) and myself was formed, under the lead of Jorge-Luis, the semi-indigeneous guide. By motorized canoes we passed by some impressive, but really impressive waterfalls to end up in a camp-site, where we spent the night sleeping in hammocks.
DAY2: The next day we finally went to the Salto Angel: as high as the eye could see, water was coming down. Impressive and beyond the reach of words. Just check the pictures. On our way back Tobias and I taught each other slang German, Dutch and Spanish - hilarious!
DAY3: We passed behind the Salto Sapo, another waterfall. Ever been behind a waterfall? Quite an experience. Later on, back to Ciudad Bolivar.

Tonight (29th of July - mi cumpleaños, si si) I am leaving, together with the Spanish people and Tobias for Santa Elena De Uiaren, 600km from Ciudad Bolivar, 15 km from the Brazilian border.

PS: I am travelling on my own, but I am never alone: it is so easy to meet other (European) people that go the same way as I am, so as far as safety is concerned: all quiet on the western front!


vanaver says:

Tis hier echt neig beestig!
Nog geen problemen gehad en overal hangt er een feestsfeer!

Posted on: Aug 04, 2008
ptje says:
Hey Freyo,
You seem to like it there, don't you? are you sure you ever want to come back ? grts, Philip & Peggy
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
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