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The sunset was truly one of the most beautiful ones ever...

Jericoacoara has all a typical paradise is supposed to have: white pristine beaches, deep blue water, waving palmtrees, no traffic, and a relaxed atmosphere. It is a very small village that can only be reached by 4x4's and dune buggies. Even the streets exist of dune sand. The type of people you'll find there is four-fold:

1) Locals (minority). Actually these are Brazilian people who live there because they love any of these: surfing, capoeira or flirting with any other three types of people. Most of them combine the surfing with keeping a Pousada or a restaurant.
2) European luck-seekers. There are quite some European people who decided to move to this place in the seek for a new, more relaxed life of either surfing, capoeira or flirting with any of the other three types of people.

For living, they work in the Pousada's or restaurants of the first type of people.
3) Tourists. Nearly all of them are European and most come for surfing, capoeira and flirting with the other 3 types of people.
4) Hippies. It's hard to tell where these people come from: they all look like Bob Marley, but most of them have blue eyes...

Honestly, I don't know to which group I belong. I guess I am closest to type 3. But things where so predictable there that I found it a bit hard to surf on this wave of wild nightlife, where people are so eager to gain attention from the other sex. It kind of reminded me of the movie 'The Beach'.  So I kept stuck to kite-surfing and Capoeira and I must say I really enjoyed these things.

Look at me goooooiiing!

For me it was the first time I took kite-lessons. I took 8 hours of lessons, together with Natasha, a Belgian (Mons) girl, who lives in Barcelona. I met her and her friend Kristel (50% Belgian girl, who also lives in Barcelona) on my way to Jeri. Our instructor was Flavio (also called Janela). He is an exception to the type 1 people: he was a very serious instructor, very professional, though, but fair and it is thanks to him that Natasha and myself -after 4 days of lessons- managed to cross a lagoon in a decent way. But dzjeezes-chriaast, this kite can be really powerful: during one of the lessons I lost control and all of a sudden I found myself 2 meters above the sea, hitting the water surface face-down a second later!

I concluded my stay in Jeri with a first capoeira lesson. I had no idea that this was so complete: it's dance, music, gymnastics, fighting-sports, yoga, it trains your muscles, it trains your physical condition. No wonder that these capoeirista's are so muscled and that's when type 1 meets type 2 and 3. As I was dancing with another guy, I really felt this pumping rithm getting me in some kind of trancy state of mind. Just take a look at the movies!

Next destination is Olinda (Recife).
CU there!
Freddy in Brazil.

derekbilldaly says:
I went here before and loved it so much, I guess I belong to group 2 as I worked and ran one of the drinks stalls on the beach! I hope you also make it to Pipa, its a lovely little Beach town not too far from Natal, one of my favourite spots ever!
Posted on: Aug 23, 2008
vanaver says:
Cuando todos mis amigos entienden Español. Claro!
Posted on: Aug 23, 2008
margonza says:
Hey Fre,
¿Cuándo comienzas a dejarnos los mensajes de tus aventuras en español?

Posted on: Aug 22, 2008
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The sunset was truly one of the mo…
The sunset was truly one of the m…
Look at me goooooiiing!
Look at me goooooiiing!
Gravity sucks!
Gravity sucks!
This is what you are supposed to d…
This is what you are supposed to …
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