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Easter Island was completely different from South-America. Actually it has rather the polynesian culture like Tahiti than the South-American, so i don´t really understand why it´s Chilenian territory. Fair enough.

I went there with two mates of mine from Sint-Niklaas: Piwi and Thomas. Entonces, fun was garanteed. We did 2 days of mountainbiking on the island and one day of horse-back riding. I think that was the perfect formula in fact. During the mountainbike-trip we got to see a lot of places where you have these weird statues and to the vulcano, which is actually the statue factory. During the horse-back riding trip, we saw beautiful landscapes.

The statues appeared to be images of important people on the island like timberman, fishermen, etc, and no gods as I initally thought.
They all look to the inside of the island as if they were guarding the people on it. Very strange is how people ever got on that island: the closest island is Tahiti at 4000km. Apparently it was discovered by 7 discoverers that once were sent out to find some kind of promised land for their people. Anyway, they found the island and took vegetables and cattle with them. They got their own statues and these are the only ones looking towards to see and not into the island. The big mistery about Easter Island is the fact that nobody knows how on earth they where able to move the sometimes 20 ton statues. Nobody knows...

I can´t leave it, I want to write something about the social situation there. There are more or less 1000 people on the island and I really have the impression that the young ones really look for a way to get off of it.
You can´t really blame them: the period we were there is completely out of the peak-season. So most of the bars were closed, which gave a pretty desolate impression. Why do I think they want to get off the island? Well, on fridaynight there was a party and of course, the three of us, all being jonkmans we went to have a look. We met some nice Chilenian girls, and these were acting pretty normally for South-American standards, but the inhabitants of the island (you can distinguish between them just from the look on their faces) went too far as they became touchy. It was so obvious that they are just looking for a gringo to take them with him from the island. Female attention is cool, but it shouldn´t be too pushy :-)

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Easter Island
photo by: alexchan