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The first viewing point gave me an overview of the shore line and a huge crucifix was put up there. This reminded me (again) on Madeira's high percentage of christians, almost 95 %. next to the crucifix there were some street dogs lying in the sun, probably hungry and as always when I see such a thing I felt sorry for them. I felt sorry for the young children who were at the viewing point there. They tried to sell little flowers they had been picking up to passing tourists. This is namely one of Madeira's poorest regions. Before I allready saw some children in Funchal begging for money and about an 8-year child being kicked out in a McDonalds because he begged for money to customers.

It's a pittyful situation and this was something that struck me.  Even a paradise is not truely a paradise if man is not truely happy, and I hope the Madeiran people despite the economical problems are. They surely are friendly and have a smile on their face as their were blessed by nature and the allmighty blue Antlantic.


Camara De Lobos is and has always been a true village of fishermen.  As on every island, fish is one of the main dishes. These fishermen have all their boats next to one another in a little bay, ready to sail and when the need is high to earn some (little) money.  It almost looks like a rocky coast such as in pirate movies and is very beautiful. Unfortunately this is one of the poorest towns in Madeira. Madeira's fish specialty is swordfish, I had a little taste of it once during my stay but it remains a gruesome thought to know these fish live 2000m below water level and when they are caught and picked up, they die because of the pressure. On the other hand these fishermen earn a little money so I guess it has to be destiny or simply nature in which each creature looks for his needs. The children waved us goodbye, waited for a next bus and I was off to a next location.

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Camara de Lobos
photo by: Niki-Travelfan