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With Porto Moniz behind me I'd finally go to the true traditional Madeira and ... this was located in the mountains yes! Signs of tourism started to disappear, the houses as well.  No bananas over here as it is a few degrees colder. The first cow bells were clinging in the distance, otherwise nothing but silence. Wonderful! It's quite apparent to see cows on the roads. Not only on the roads, also in people's front yard! They don't seem to mind cars or buses that run by and just keep on grazing or enjoying the cloudy sun. Soon I was driving on the Paul da Serra plateau! The Paul da Serra plateau is located at an altitude of 1500 metres and in fact is a dividing line between north and south. The green laurasilva subtropical rainforest in which I walked 2 days before is located north of this plateau.

My name again is mister cloud!

The climate here can contain a lot of wind and there is a thick fog because of the evaporation above the rainforest to the north. There are as good as no people living here but a few herdsmen. Because of the non-predictable weather and sometimes strong winds  the plateau is very arid. Levada's are never far away in Madeira and this is also the case over here. That means off course there are a lot of walking routes. Unfortunately I didn't have time enough to do some of these.

Anyway I eventually was with my head in the clouds which was another reason for Madeira being so versatile. There even is an about 6000m high mountain Pico Ruivo on the island that can be climbed and gives you a true cloudy experience! This is certainly why I want to come back once.  Then my bus started it's way back to Funchal while descending and having a stop after a long tunnel.

Here the high mountains were very visible and I felt like a fish in a bowl. Me being the fish and the mountains being the bowl that is. There were a few signs of human life again over here, some very small bars along the way and a few houses in the valley. I bet this place had a name as well but I forgot, prolly something with Saint preceding. Nature was very very beautiful and very green and You could see parts of the road going down to ocean-level again. Then I got back to Funchal by passing Ribeira Brava, one of the places I had seen earlier that day.

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My name again is mister cloud!
My name again is mister cloud!
Paul da Serra
photo by: Ils1976