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I arrived here after a very very long trip on Tuesday afternoon... first impression that the airport is really posh! Even the toilets were just so clean and cool looking! It was crazy humid outside and even though its actually the dry season here, it has been raining every day since I arrived... this has messed my plans with Koen a bit but it's still alright! Singapore has an excessive amount of malls (and I mean huuuuuuuuge malls) and exactly like US, airconditioning everywhere and too much even though outside it's boiling hot! The result is that you etnirely freeze when entering closed areas and I start gettign used to taking a light jacket with me every time we go somewhere.

The food is amazing! I knew I liked asian cuisines but this! All kinds of recipes I haven't tried before, the kway teow ( or something like that I never actually remember it correctly) which are the flat singaporian noodles (Delicious!!!!!!!!!!), indian (the pratas are amazing), thai, malay, many times spicy but always just soooooo good! And different! Five days here I haven't had pizza or pasta once (ok western type of pasta, I don't consider noodles as pasta) and we only had a burger once cause we were hungry and cause Koen is actually getting bored of Asian food. It's impossible to tell here all the different foods I have tried and the sweets and the pastries, I don't even remember them all but they are soooooooo tasty! I still want to try fresh sugarcane juice and I love the lychee juice.

The people here are very friendly. We always randomly meet a local that is willing to explain to us this or that (like one guy that entered the bus with us and finally solved a long asked question for Koen whether the girls in Geylang and Joo Chiat Road in his neighborhood are hookers or just girls going out! They are hookers and actually that's very cool to see, how it is different culturally here. You see usually a couple of old men with two or three girls sitting and eating in small restaurants that are all over the area, and as the man in the bus told us, sometimes it can end up in other services but it's mostly for the company! And you all know how fachinated I get with red light districts so I'm sad I don't have time to explore this one!). So I was talking about people. It's not weird for me to see all Asian people around... cause actually I don't! I mean I do just there are Indians, and chinese origin people; and malay and thai and indonesian and all these look different from each other so it's prety international. I do realise though that here I'm for the first time of my life a "foreigner" a white girl. Even though when I wear sunglasses and I have my hair they way the girls here do, I mix I think very good with the locals!

So what I've done so far? Ok malls, the Jurong Bird Park (really cool especially the show we watched where a parrot actually could count to 10 in three languages, sing three songs in Chinese, Malay and English (the last one was happy birthday!) and also saw many trained birds perform different acts), Orchard street which is the posh shopping street (again all malls but I saw for instance a line to enter Luis Vitton or Chanel which where both in the same mall!), Chinatown (of course! and this is where Koen's office was as well), Little India (the best mall ever, Mustafa's shop, a huuuuuuuuuuge supermarket with anything you can possibly imagine, all Indians inside, all merchandise just cramped to each other, amazing!), the Botanic Gardens (where while walkign in the rainforest trail we actually had the true rainforest experience as it started pouring cats and dogs and didn't stop until we reached the malls in Orchard street 1 h later totally soaked!), the Finance District (the down town of Singapore, looks very much like new york there!) and Boat key (all restaurants and cafes for the tourists) and today we went to the one and only Sentosa island which is the island of Singapore (which is an island itself but anyway) and even though the sea is absolutely dirty due to the port of Singapore being there, it has very nice (artificial) beaches and you get there by a cool ride by cable car! And this morning I also had the experience of a service of the City Harvest Church where a colleague of Koen belongs to. Songs with rock music; lots of halleluiah and amen, the classical priests motivating the crowds and people with their hands up singing allowed and praying (most of the times in their own incomprehensive language - friky!) exactly what you have seen on TV for this kind of churches live! It was me, Koen and Luuk a dutch guy there and yeah... Koen really enjoyed it (he considers it the top attraction in Singapore!) but me and Luuk indeed freaked out a bit... And of course there's teh Pakistani movie Adeel took us to see (in the name of God it's called, if you find it, GO SEE IT!) since he is from Pakistan - and working in ABN AMRO here by the way....

Anyway that's all for now, tomorrow we got to go to Vietnamese embassy to pick up our visas (50 euros each - ouch!) and then head to the Zoo and the night safari!!!!!!!!!

Many kisses to all of you from (not so hot today but at least for the first time dry) Singapore!


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