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While everybody on board was fast asleep, myself and Simon decided to pull a few pranks on our buddy Adam. He had tried earlier to pull pranks on Simon so we decided that all is fair in love and war. We tried the old finger in a warm bucket of water but soon decided that plan would be too harsh for the person in the hammock below his. My shaving cream had mysteriously disappeared yesterday so we settled on putting toothpaste on his face and hid away from sight better than James Bond could ever try... we lay down under the next hammock... and yes, we were sober at this point...

Although Adam laughed this off, we soon realised that all was not right and he stopped talking to us altogether, he wouldn't even talk to the Portuguese girls. Later this morning we docked in yet another town so we thought that this might give him a chance to get over it.

It was hilarious walking down the street with Thalywan close to my heels, it was as if I WAS his real father! It was now clear to me that I was the unofficial baby sitter of the boat. This revelation came to me when I realised I was like the Pied Piper walking through town with a group of kids chasing my shadow. The plus side is that the parents did make sure that there was always a drink close to hand for me. The drinks were supplied to me when the children had gone to bed, im not that irresponsible (Please dont remember my earlier comments thinking about throwing Thalywan overboard!). By this stage young Sarah had already left the boat with her family for home. Some of the other kids were very memorable also. David was a ball of energy who never seemed hurt when he fell (not my fault of course). Eliene was nice but very jealous of myself or Simon talking to Catarina. Tamiris is one of the nicest girls I have ever met, next only to Ladrianna.

For our last night on the boat, myself and Simon broke out our reserve bottle of whiskey. After sincere apologies Adam finally agreed to join us again. Tonight there was a lot of dancing. I even showed off my forro skills again to 'thunderous applause'. I can tell you that the locals were very very entertained by the quality of my dancing. Not as many girls were impressed as I might have hoped. I think laughing in a persons facing while pointing at them is an old Amazonian sign of affection. It was a brillaint night.

Unfortunately, Adam soon became very very drunk and started many heated discussions with Catarina, criticising the history of the Portuguese and the education of European schools as he knew the truth about every nations history. Incidently, he didn't believe me that there was no war going on in Ireland, which he informed me was actually a state of England apparently. Originally, myself, Simon and Adam had made plans to trek the jungle together but when we saw this, we decided we made a mssive mistake.

While all this was going on, I had to take Thalywan down to his hammock cause he kept coming back up to see what was interesting upstairs with us but I soon fell asleep myself in my own hammock. While I was asleep things grew more aggressive upstairs and before long Adam came down to vent his anger out on me. His violent temper continued throughtout the night shouting abuse at people calling them really disgusting things and threathening to kill us.

The little shy girl in the next hammock, Laidrianna, kept trying to protect me from him. It was one of the cutest things ever. The poor girl was so worried about me that she couldn't sleep, she even offered me her favourite teddy bear, called Puffy (she would give out if not said in a really deep voice), that was officially the cutest thing ever! It's odd having a little kid trying to defend you from somebody you throught was a friend but has since shown himself to be the arrogant racist that he always was.

By the time she finally fell asleep it was morning and myself & Simon were just about set to embark on our real amazonian adventure. First, we had to get through a very emotional goodbye with many of the friends we met on board. Thalywan had drawn a load of drawings of the two of us in my travel journal (where this blog has come from) and a letter despite the fact that he cant read. the most emotional was little Laidrianna who kept crying so I gave her a little gift that was originally intended for my neice back home. (We never saw Adam again... not in  mafia way...).

All in all, the journey may have taken 6 days but is half the excitement of a trip in the adventures you have along the way to your destination, in this case it definitely was. There were ups and downs, although in the end it was all more than worth it.

martiana says:
Plenty of kids to love in our village :D
I will be sure to point them in your direction...
Posted on: Aug 31, 2008
derekbilldaly says:
Haha thanks a million!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2008
oldschoolbill says:
I am sure that is what they were thinking!!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2008
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