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The Jungle Men

The 31st of December, here, it's just like any other day as we move through the jungle like ghosts. Day by day I struggle to maintain not only my strength but also my sanity. It's all a blur. I have no energy to write. I don't know what's right or wrong anymore .....

Wait wait wait! That was Charlie Sheen's diary from the movie Platoon although it does feel very fitting out here as the days seem to come together oh and after all this walking with my gear on my back, I'm becoming fairly ghost like.

Armed with our machettes, we had to fight for every 5 feet we moved. We soon realised that we were on a battleground between man & nature. The undergrowth can be so thick in places. Even after a few days we still find ourselves being amazed by how varied the Amazon really is.

Dinner Time!!
You go from thick jungle to swamp, from African Savannah to wetlands, all without much transition.

Myself and Simon have really become far better when it comes to fishing lately which really comes in handy when you are very hungry. The downside to being so good at fishing is having to eat fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

We stumbled across a little jungle hut which we decided would make a great home for the night. After we set up and went for a swim/wash, we got dinner underway until Simon decided to sit down on his hammock. Just as he did so, the roof made a creaking noise before coming down on top of us. Just as we recovered, the floor gave way to the 6 foot drop below quickly followed by the walls caving in.
Hmmmmm maybe the jungle hut was abandoned for a good reason??

After recovering we went out to fish again to cheer ourselves up. Deuzimar caught an aligator which we considered eating but as it was only young we let it go. Instead we caught about 25 fish, at least they were a broad range of species including a piranha. After dinner we hung our hammocks hanging off some trees over the river.

I love this place at night. The stars.....there is no right or wrong in them. They're just there.


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The Jungle Men
The Jungle Men
Dinner Time!!
Dinner Time!!
photo by: Mezmerized