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Good morning Stockholm! Waow I am terribly excited today! From the Airport to the hotel took me almost an hour, but it was a great experience. By the way, what an incredible landing I had. It was almost 10pm and we were still having the sunset, so I could see the whole city from the air. It is funny! I was seeing the city from the air and I was not using Google Earth. There are tons of small islands all around, and everything is surrounded by water. For a moment I felt I was back in Kakadu Park (Australia). You had this incredible sunset and all that green! Amazing!

When I got to the airport, there was hardly people. Everything very clean and organized. I took a fast train to T Centralen and from there I took the subway.
By the way, the exchange rate is around 9,5 crowns/euro, so it is easy to make calculations. You just have to divide prices by 10. Once I got to Sweeden I used an ATM to withdraw money. It is funny, nobody at the aiport but a big line at the ATMs. There were only two! Going to T Centralen I met a family from Madrid who also came to do some tourism. It was their second time, so they gave me a couple of good hints to move around the city.

At 11pm or so I got to the  hotel and I met my friend Nacho! Hahah he is the funniest guy! when I got to the bar he was there waiting for me and reading a huge book, well, that is what I thought! He bought Harry Potter on an audio book, so he had the book on his hands but he was not reading it,  he was listening to it! How funny is that! People surprises me some times hahha

Now it is 6am, but it is soooooo sunny already! We had light until almost 11pm and at 4 it was already sunny.
Lucky there are thick courtains as I read somewhere that in Northern Europe there are no blinds! Well people, I am quite excited, so I cannot keep writing, I am going to do some exercise in the gym, take a shower and discover a new city! Ohh man, isnt it excitinggggggg!

I just fell in love with this city! So far I would say that it is on my first three top cities in the world.

After the gym we got the bus to get the subway to T-Centralen. From there we walked to the Tourism Information office to get a map as my Lonely Planet´s was very poor. It is located very close from the Royal Palace, it is right on Kungsträdgärdsg street. It is on a nice square with tons of coffee places all around. From the station to the tourism office we stopped to have breakfast in a cool place with tables facing the street (I will publish some photos).
  After getting the map and some new patches (woohooo!) we sat down on a nice terrace in the sun. As I was very excited I ordered a beer, but they told me they could not serve it until 11am and it was 10.45! I felt like in the movie Fallind Down when Michael Douglas  is ordering breakfast in a MacDonalds! With the exception that I did not have a machine gun to force them to serve it to me!☺

Well, I waited until 11 am so I could satisfy my craving! Nacho left to attend his first meeting so I started my city tour. First thing I did was to cross Riksbron Bridge towards Gamla Stan. First thing you come across is the Royal Palace although I did not spend to much time visiting it and I just followed Västerlängg Street until the end of it. On the way I found hundreds of coffee places, restaurants and little stores with all souvenirs you can think of.
In one of them I bought some new patches for my jackets and suitcase.

Some of the streets crossing Västerlängg were just so tiny, not even one meter wide! And I could not believe the number of restaurants with tables outside. You may thing that being such a cold country in the winter people will stay more at home, but I was totally wrong. People enjoy the street, and it is packed of people enjoying the good weather and atmosphere all over the city.

Sodermalm Island is easty to locate, as it is and the end of Västerlängg. You can see at the distance a huge elevator with the name of Katarinahissen. You pay 10 crowns and it takes you to one of the nicest spots to get views from the city the city. Once I was done with it, I turned back to Gamla Stan and went to a beautiful restaurant on the east of the island.
By the way, Stockholm includes 14 different islands.  The name of the restaurant was Pontus By the Sea. It is a very fashionable place with sofas all over the place. Check my review, I highly recommend it!

Once I finished my lunch I went straight to Vasamuseet in Djurgärden Island. There you find a ship that sunk in 1628 leaving the port. It seems to be that the ship was not very well designed and the weight of all its ornaments and canons made it sunk. The ship was underwater for more than 300 hundred years until they found it and were able to rescuit it in the fifties. It is in quite good conditions and I must say it is impressive. I recommend you to visit it, it is a must stop! Inside they have a movie theatre and I was so tired that I fell asleep.
When I woke up, the movie had just finished and I was so disoriented that I forgot my camera backbag under the seat. I was lucky I nice fellow saw it and gave it to me!

From the museum I went straight to the Opean Museet where I had to meet Nacho! We decide to take a boat trip around the islands. You have two different routes, but we just chose a 1h tour from “Stockholm Sightseeing”. It looked one of the best boats around. Woaw, what a beautiful trip we took. We ended up outside in the deck having a small bottle of red wine from Chile!. We took many photos but the funniest one is when Nacho put on the “Filemón” mask. Check the photos, they are hillarious! As it was after six when we got back we went to have a nice dinner at a place I saw in the morning.
What a fantastic spot. It is right next to the bridge that connects with Djurgärden Island. It is an outdoor restaurant on the water. The atmosphere was incredible. I recommend you to go on the deck, and go straight to get a table on the right side of the restaurant. It is the best spot by far. So we were having some prowns and white wine while wathing the sunset! We stayed there until 9.30 at least, and we still had daylight.

Fom there we headed to an awesome chillout bar in Djurgärden. Woaow, that place was just amazing. It is next to Vasamuseet, its name is Josefina. You cannot miss it, it is another key place when visiting the city. There we ordered a nice and cold bottle of white wine and we spent some time chatting and enjoying the views. Of course we took some more photos with the “Filemón” mask ☺ And we met this bartender from the south of Spain, his name was José.
We asked him how did he ended in Stockholm and he said that "love" made him move there hahaha It seems to be that he met this sweedish girl in a Flamenco show in Cádiz. She was a very well positioned business woman so it was easier for him to leave.

And then, Thursday’s hightlight! We went to the Ice Bar! It took us a while to find it, as nobody knew exactly where it was and they gave us wrong directions a couple of times. So you dont get lost, go towards T-Centralen and when you are there, you will find it very close from the Arlanda Express Station. Just ask for the Nordic Sea Hotel. It is right inside the hotel. Well, well, well… what an amazing experience! I am writting a review about it. You will love it, don´t miss it even if you think it is too touristic! Do it! At 1am they closed the bar, so we headed back to the hotel.
What a beatiful and fun day!
tvillingmarit says:
Looking forward to see your photos from Gamla Stan og Djurgården. Very nice blog. Tusen tack
Posted on: May 31, 2008
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