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Charles, Jesse and Samantha in front of our place in Paris.

The tickets were sold out!! We would have to run around ditching the ticket taker guy the whole time! This also meant no seats to actually sleep in! We weren't about to miss New Years in Paris anyway so we were just going to have to get through it. We went to the food car and ate really slowly as Mark said they never interrupt you while you are eating. We ended up splitting up and spreading out. Mark and Samantha chatted with a nice Mexican family who were taking their daughter to a private school in Paris. It is sometimes weird to meet a Mexican family who are at least middle class when so many of the immigrants near where I live are poorer.

Our living room - arent we messy!

Samantha and Mark got caught by the ticket guy but he never came back to collect their money! Charles and I found a few seats to sleep for an odd hour or so. We would get up whenever we saw the ticket guy. Jesse I think found a corner to curl up and kind of died... Poor Jesse had the hardest time of it as he is vegetarian and the very small meal car only had meat sandwiches and orange juice. He was looking at almost 24 hours without actual food. Not eating for a day will really save you money but makes you really low on energy!

Once we finally got to Paris, Mark helped us find the right Metro to get to our apartment. We would all go sleep and eat and meet back up for midnight activities. Marks hotel was somewhere in the 6th and we were staying in Montmartre (the 18th). I found our apartment on Vacation Rental By Owner or The company - Feels Like Home In Paris - is run by this great super helpful lady named Yetunde. She even had champagne in the fridge for New Years. The place was super awesome and after the day/night we had she was like an angel and the apartment truly was heaven for our entire stay - needless to say I highly recommend them - see my review!

After dropping off our stuff we went to the food market to get some groceries. We also had to get something Jesse could eat and pronto. He laid down on the couch while we went and got the food. He felt a lot better after that though he declined to go out and eat with us preferring to stay put on the couch. Samantha, Charles and I went to the sushi place down the street. We probably would have gone to the Thai place right under our apartment but we sushi sounded to good to be true. The food was pretty good and I got a kick out of the Japanese guy saying “au revoir” to us.

After that it was major nap time! We slept until about 10pm and then had a few drinks before heading out to meet up with Mark. The whole city seemed to have been partying for hours already. We felt silly when we realized we could have just brought the champagne with us! Only at home can you not have alcohol on a Metro or out on the streets! Everybody was very merry with shouts of ‘bonne année’ ringing through the streets. I though this was interesting as the direct translation is simply Good Year rather than Happy New Year. Eh when in Paris, do as the Parisians do!

We walked around with Mark for an hour getting his quick walking tour of the city. We bought a cheap bottle of champagne for 10 Euro as people had set up tables and were just selling them on the street. Eventually we went back over to the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees.  The street was closed to auto traffic and lined with trees decorated with white lights. The countdown to midnight was really cool as they shut off the lights in succession down the street with the lights at the Arc going out right at midnight. That must have been really cool to see from somewhere high up. After that there were fire works and much shouting. We couldn’t really see the Eiffel Tower from where we were but I’m told there were lights up all over that as well.

From there we wandered the city some more amid the partying and continual shouts of ‘bonne année’. It reminded me of when I was a kid and would go to church. There was always a part where you would turn to everyone around you and greet them. Strangers or relatives it didn’t matter. Everyone would ‘congratulate’ with a ‘bonne année’ everyone they saw. It was really rather neat. We found a nice café over by the Louvre and got hot chocolates and dessert. The best part about Europe is they know how to make a mean hot chocolate. I’ve been to some seriously fancy restaurants in the U.S and they still have the gall to use that powdered chocolate. I don’t care if you add steamed milk it is all crap if you don’t use actual chocolate!!

Eventually everything died down and we took a taxi home as the metro was closed. The taxi driver was the first and only person we met in Paris who didn’t speak any English. Even bus boys at the café surprised us with their perfect English! Thankfully I had brushed up on my French. That and really all you have to say is the nearest Metro stop and they can get you there. I did think it was weird that she had her dog in the front seat with her. Then again with the fireworks I wouldn’t want to leave my dog at home either poor thing.


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Charles, Jesse and Samantha in fro…
Charles, Jesse and Samantha in fr…
Our living room - arent we messy!
Our living room - arent we messy!
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