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Big Boy offering himself as the new savior of the world.
Feelin in the mood to eat some chowda and watch the Lakers take it to the Celtics (talk about a &$%$#ing let down), Big Boy and I made a trip back east to Boston. We spent a week eating oysters, smoking cigars, drinking scotch and wandering the North End. While there, the photo crew (and I list their names here as accomplices to the crimes of Little Big Boy) Mike Steigner, Steve LaRose and I made a visit to St Leonard's Cathedral in the North End. While here we found a run down and shabby cathedral (a true testament to the greatness of religion), plastic statues, empty pews and all. Oddly though, not only were the pews empty, but the whole church was too. There was no curator, no priest, and joyously, no people. There is nothing like an empty church. We set to tearing this place up (photographically speaking, of course). I say this because one is rarely, if ever, allowed to use a tripod in a church. Not only did we have 3 tripods at full extension, we were laying in pews, on stairs and flat out on the floor shooting the roof and all. It was awesome. Do not be fooled by the photos. HDR does amazing things to the worst of subject material.

While here however, Big Boy took his dislike of religion to new levels. He had the audacity to ask Mike to watch the door while he proceeded to climb the altar steps and sit his ass down right on the holy altar of Jesus Christ himself. We had to hold him back. After pronouncing himself the new Son of God and the culinary savior of the world, he tried to transubstantiate his burger and offer it as his body broken for all the McDonald's sinners of the world. The photo is hard to make out, but zoom in enough and you will see his blasphemy caught on camera. Shameless ... That's why I take him everywhere I go.
pvtjoy says:

Love it!!!! :)
Posted on: Jun 23, 2008
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Big Boy offering himself as the ne…
Big Boy offering himself as the n…
photo by: bubu932