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the Duomo

...well the next morning I had the first real hangover of my life (and with any luck - or good sense - the last).  Plus I only got two hours sleep as I had to get up at 4:30am to catch a flight to Milan for my little weekend getaway.  I don't cope well with 4:30am at the best of times, so really it's a miracle that I caught my flight.

But I did.  And then I spent my first day in Milan huddled in a chilled hotel room feeling sorry for myself.  So it wasn't a good start, & sadly things didn't get much better.

Oh it was alright, but the weather was dismal & I felt very lonely - I travelled alone through the States for a couple of months, but I hadn't realised how much difference the language barrier would make.

Piazza Duomo
  There's a big difference between being alone in a place where you can talk to people in shops, listen to conversations on the street, etc & being alone in a place where there's just babble going on around you.

Anyway, I tried by best to make the most of it, but I was a little petrified of the whole situation, so I'm not sure I succeeded.  I did see some of Milan's big sights - the Duomo - their impressive cathedral made of white marble, which you can go up & walk all around the roof, which I found continually amazing.  That was probably the highlight. 

I also went to Castello Sforzesco, which is an old castle, now filled with lots of little museums - it was kind of interesting to be in a place where these ancient things were actually used once upon a time & weren't just transported from some far off country to be on display.  And I went to Teatro alla Scala  - the impressive opera house - looked through their museum & gazed at the inside of the theatre (I would've loved to go see some opera, but apparently the entire season tickets usually sell out in about 10 minutes). 

Of course since it was Milan, I did look through a lot of shops - didn't really buy anything, not exactly my price range - and they also had a Christmas market through the streets, so that was nice to wander through. 

I had intended to go to the Italian Lakes, but that day the weather was particularly dismal & you wouldn't have been able to even see the lakes, let alone consider going on them.  So instead I sulked & felt miserable & tried to decide how early was too early to go to the airport. 

Anyway, it's all an experience.  And it did make me very happy to get back to London!

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the Duomo
the Duomo
Piazza Duomo
Piazza Duomo
photo by: williamsworld