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Noel Gallagher.

Well, we both said before we went travelling that we were looking forward to doing every new thing that came our way.  When I read that Oasis had released a new DVD which had live footage from last years tour, I was a little interested.  But when I heard it was be shown on the big screen for free at a secret location in Sydney to promote it, and that Noel Gallagher would be there for a questions and answer session afterwards, we were commited to finding it. 

After a bit of tracking down I found out that a group called "The Black Carpet" company was organising the event, and I signed up to their Myspace sight to be on the mailing list.  The event info was emailed to us in plenty time, and we sorted out a day off work to be there early, as it was first come first served.

Noel answering questions from the audience.
  We arrived around 3 for the 7 pm show, and there was already more than 60 people ahead of us, but we figured the cinema was likely to hold more than that amount.  We queued in the blistering heat for the next 4 hours, talking with the mostly British and Irish people also queueing for the event.  It was eventually around 7.30 that we got in, and took our seats only three back from the front.  The programme was really, really good, with loads of behind the scenes tour footage and live music videos that show just how popular they are worldwide.  It really showed if not else that Noel is one of the funniest, smartest guys out there, way more than he gets credit for.  They showed loads of interviews where his sharp wit just left these supposed pros trailing in his wake.
The Opera House at night.
  It was great, you wouldn't have to be an Oasis fan to like it but it helps.

When the show was over, true to the hype Noel showed up, and he answered question that were selected from the ones us audience members had written earlier.  Mine was sadly not choosen, I thought that the question "If you were locked in room with Micheal Owen, Robbie Williams and Blur, who would die first and why?" was a good one, but there we go.  You couldnt help but be impressed by his sense of humour and wit, and we left chuffed that we had made the effort to be there for the one off event. 

We went to take some more pics of the bridge and Opera house by night, and again returned to our pokey little flat to get some rest ahead of work the next day.  Only 12 days and we are finished work for another month, it'll be a merry, merry Christmas!!

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Noel Gallagher.
Noel Gallagher.
Noel answering questions from the …
Noel answering questions from the…
The Opera House at night.
The Opera House at night.
photo by: Sunflower300