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New Zealand from the air.

We left Christchurch, NZ on October 25th. My skydive had been cancelled that morning because of bad weather (I know, I was mad to even contimplate doing a skydive a few hours before we were due to fly to Oz, but there we go). By the time we were taking off at Christchurch airport, the weather was great...typical eh?! The view of New Zealand's Alps as we flew over them was fantastic and I managed to take some excellent photos of them through the plane window. The flight was a short one, only just over 3 hours, so by the time we had dinner and watched 'The Devil Wears Prada' on the big screen, it was time to land. The landing was awful...put me off even booking a skydive for a while. The view of Sydney from the air was something else (that was the only consolation) the harbour looked spectacular with the harbour bridge and the opera house in full view.

The Alps with the airplane's wing in the corner of the photo.
..but the feeling was BAD...we circled the harbour and as we did the sharp turn, we were hitting air pockets and it felt (at least to me) that we were falling out of the sky...on our side! It must have been bad because when I opened my eyes, John was grasping the arm rest for dear life, each time we went down suddenly people on the half empty plane made ohh and ahh noises and when we did finally land, the captain came over the speaker and apologised.

So, not the best arrival, but we had arrived none the less and after more scrutinising of our luggage by boarder control, we were on our way to our hostel in Kings Cross. Now, we did not realise that Kings Cross is the seedy part of town, with it's prostitutes and drug dealing, so we were glad we had only booked 3 nights there (enough to get our free taxi from the airport).

The clouds above the Alps but below us.
It was sometimes difficult to get to sleep when prositutes were shouting across the street and arguing loudly with 'clients'.

After getting ourselves sorted with tidy work clothes, shoes and a mobile phone over the next few days, we moved to a hostel on the beach in Coogee. This was where we were told was great for backpackers to live...and it would have been, if we could find somewhere. We gave up after a couple of days looking around when somepeople in the hostel told us they had been there and looking for 12 weeks! (They must have been pretty picky though!) We then moved again, back to the city, but nearer to the harbour. We soon found a house share in Bondi Junction. We have our own double room and our own kitchen.

We also found work and started the very same day that we moved into the flat.

New Zealand's coast line.
We both work (at the moment that is) at 'Peter's of Kensington'. It is a big MEGA busy department store that sells loads of expensive stuff for a sale price (things like Waterford Crystal, Versace, Royal Doulton etc). I work on the front counter, putting the goods through the tills and gift wrapping the items (I am actually dreaming about wrapping presents EVERY night at the moment, which is a bit of a bummer as I then have to get up a nd actually do that for 8 hours! :)  ). John works out the back of the store, getting the items and bringing them to the counter for us to sell and generally moving stock around (tough job though). We are soooo tired at the moment as we have done basically bugger all for a while now and have not had much time off lately. The weather has not been great recently anyway so working is not so bad then. (Sydney has had it's coldest November day for 101 years!) The pay is much better than basic shop pay at home...we get $17.79 an hour which is about 7 pound 50p and by Christmas, we should have enough money to move on in the new, for now all is well.

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New Zealand from the air.
New Zealand from the air.
The Alps with the airplanes wing …
The Alps with the airplane's wing…
The clouds above the Alps but belo…
The clouds above the Alps but bel…
New Zealands coast line.
New Zealand's coast line.
The view from the plane window.
The view from the plane window.
photo by: Sunflower300