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We started our day after an early buffet breakfast on board 'Pacfic Sky'. None of us feeling that good ater a night on the cocktails, but we did manage to disembark, ready for our day trip to the 'Wat Chalong Monastery'. Phuket's most important Buddist temple....We first took a visit to 'Promthep Cape' to see the breathtaking panorama. Then we continued on to the temple. This turned into a disappointment for me, as I was showing a little too much skin to enter the temple, so I had to wait outside, for the others to complete their tour. I knew I should have dressed in my 'head to toe garb', cos afterall it was only about 37 degrees in the shade...lol.  But not to be outdone by this , I decided to hit the markets, outside of the temple, in the courtyard, on my own and managed to blow a bit more of my hard earned cash on garbage that I didn't really need. What's new!!!    "Hit the markets?"   I nearly hit the deck when all of a sudden, they started to let off some sort of firecrackers. My god, I thought someone was starting a riot, nearby. I quickly ducked for cover, like some idiot. It continued for some time, to which I walked over to take a closer look and I saw these devices, (which looked a bit like a 'pizza furnaces'). I literally just followed the smoke and the noise. What was going on, bewildered me?  But it certainly passed the time until the others returned from the visit inside the temple.    I'm glad they took many photos inside, but not really the same as seeing it for oneslf...

Now that our group of 7 was back together, ("Yes, I counted heads every 5 minutes!")we did a little more shopping. I bought more crap and then we departed the Monastery for the most exciting part of my day. The 'Island Safari' Elephant Park. We entered the park, to watch a show and ride the elephants. But not before we had to walk past more souvenir shops. Hell at this stage, I was beginning to wonder if the plane was going to be able to lift off,on our flight home. lol  We all (inlcuding about 25 other tourists) sat in the litte grandstand behind awaiting the show. It was hot, humid and very dusty. The performance started and the staff at the Park encouraged members of the audience to partcipate in the little circus acts. They stood on their hindlegs (which I thought was cruel) but nevertheless, I applauded this! Why? The elephants  then played soccer with each other, before it was time to get one of us of our butts, to join in with the next part of the show. I threw my arms in the air and volunteered without hesitation. I had no idea wht I was going to be doing, but I'm a bit of a daredevil (try anything once...) so I jumped to my feet and raced down the steps, until I was standing in the middle of this little dustbowl of an arena. There I was, nervous while everyone looked on in wonder and this lady announced that I would have to lay on my stomach on a thin gym-mat. So, then she explained to the people watching that the elephant was going to give me a gentle massage. "What the....????" I thought. (I didn't say hell, by the way, it was  little "F" word!)  God, I thought, I'm going to die today! This baby elephant walked over to me and placed his giant hoof in the centre of my back and gently pressed down and up and down and up and down and up again.                                    "What if it falls on me" I'm 5'1" tall and all of 45kg."  It was rather nice, all except the mat was covered in red dust and it stuck to me like superglue. All I wanted then was a shower, but hey, that was the least of my worries.  Today was not my time to leave this earth.................   I lived to tell the story!

Tonight we hit the disco again on board the ship, but not before a hot seamy shower. "No, not another night of drinking!" Thank the lord that this cruise was only 7 nights and not 12. I would have had alcohol poisoning...lol  Did another all nighter and had the sore head and body to prove it...

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photo by: Aclay01