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The Mediterranean Sea
So I left Atlanta on a Friday afternoon around 5pm... flew to Amsterdam (the airport is amazing there.. paid 4 Euros for a cup of coffee though- and I don't even like coffee!)... got to madrid and figured out the airport easy enough (with 47 students in tow)... and within the next 2 days weathered a mini-episode of "what not to have happen on your 1st trip to Spain with 50 college students" it went something like this: so, the cell phone DOESN'T have a charger?, and even if it did the SIM cards would not work?!, AND the purchasing card isn't activated?, no reservations/confirmations (or mysteriously missing email attachments), missing visa's/mailing passports, finding Fed Ex with no common language and no real address- and one phrase that comically united me and a cab driver for 45 minutes: 'ay dios mio'- said every time we passed yet another express mail company that WASN'T Fed EX!!, braving rush hour in Madrid, finding flamenco shows, "the tickets were paid for?!, okay, maybe not", 3am phone calls, conversations beginning and ending with "we were told 5:30- this better not impact my grade", amazing flamenco show- that lasted till 11:30!,
"oh-no, they missed the bus, but a u-turn saved them!", calls regarding personal effort(s) and "understanding", etc.,etc., etc.  But, all I can say is: the students are happy (enough) and things are slowly starting to settle down... information is beginning to flow and the day-long bus ride gave us an opportunity to re-fresh and start anew!  We even had an icebreaker at the welcome dinner and jokes galore!  I have plenty more to tell but i'll get to part 2 later!  Oh, and can anyone guess how much 161 Euros is in US Money? Let me just say, I was more than surprised when I checked my bank account!  All together now: "Ay Dios Mio"!!! :-)  Before I part, I have some questions to ponder:
1. why does internet access cost 6 Euro for 1 hour????
2. why do people not move when there are folks passing in the opposite direction on the sidewalk?
3. why is there a gelato shop on every other block in spain?
4. why are KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King, and Starbucks so common here?
6. Why are Europeans so emo/fashionable?
7. Why did I see a man posed on a toilet today? and why were so many people taking pictures?  surely not because he was supposed to be a "living statue"?
8. Why did I not know the Mediterranean sea was off the coast of Spain?
9. Why am I up at 2:50 am after 3 days here- I should be adjusted???
10. Why is every building here so beautiful?
11. why was the picasso museum so wonderfully awesome??? he was a true master of all styles- from cubism, to pointillism, to impressionism, to all the other -isms!!
 Okay... i'll stop with the whys!!
amazingdacosta says:
Euro to US dollar rate sucks! It sucked when I was in Germany at the Frankfurt Airport and had to pay an ungodly amount of it to get back to base. Pound to US dollar also sucks but Europe is oh so much fun and very sexy...have fun and file for bankruptcy when it's over!
Posted on: May 29, 2008
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The Mediterranean Sea
The Mediterranean Sea
photo by: vulindlela