the most beautiful mountain in China

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the saying is true and the 200 yuan ($35 US dollars) entry fees are justified.  it is beautiful beyond description.  a sweaty 2 hour climb was well rewarded with sheer cliffs, pine trees growing out of granite cracks and stair ways carved right into solid rock (and sometime thru it).  some lookout points were right on the edge of a thousand feet drop and make you wish you were a BASE jump junkie.  from peak to peak, you have to descend for a few hundred feet first before climbing the next peak.  so in a few hours, you probably already climb the mountain twice without knowing it. 


one thing i noticed when buying ticket at the train station is that people are constantly cutting in line.  even though people that are already in line complain among themselves how slow the lines are and how people are cutting in, no one would speak up and tap on the shoulder of the "cutter" and say "to the back of the line please".

  if the same people would cut in line in the US, an uproar would break out.  maybe this is the chinese mentality of complaining only and no action?  also, maybe because of the vast population, everyone seems to want to take a little advantage any chance they get just to get ahead.  even though this helps at that moment, the society is still advancing slowly.  after all, 5 thousand years of civilization can not penetrate a person's mind.  just like the chinese saying: "it is easier to move a mountain that to change people"

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photo by: saioli