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Oh dear bejeebles.... where do I start. So here I am in Singapore, terribly exhausted and I have just arrived at this hostel I found on a very late edition of a Lonely Planet book . So late the first hostel that I looked for has closed down already ages ago and so I had to walk a million miles with Jear's awfully heavy backpack on my delicate shoulders to this hostel that I do not fancy much for oh so many reasons!! First, price is twice expensive than what Lonely Planets says. Second, our dormitory room smells like stinky feet washed with vinegar and also extremely humid (and did i say already that it stinks?).  Third, internet is free but only for 30 minutes and after that I will be charged for 2 million dollars a second.

Where the hell is Jear anyway? Well, someone didn't make the flight. Obviously it's Oprah on crack who did. I almost didn't make it to the plane because Jear had to come from work to the aiport and pay oh so many taxes which I am exempted of (bwahhahahaha). And since I am sort of kind of phobic on missing flights now, I had to run to the gate while he was still in the immigration and not because I was a bad friend but because I was thinking of at least holding off the flight so he could also make it. But I never saw him again. I called him and he said he wasn't allowed to leave the country, because he's on crack, and so I had to go all by myself.  I didn't know he was supposed to have a return ticket to leave the country and since he doesn't he was denied the opportunity to travel with the oh so awesome me! No, not really, I'm not awesome. I think I'm jinxed, cursed, or just really fked because of all these luck I've been having since last week.

If Jear didn't ask for his bag back the airlines would not have switched our bacpacks and I would have mine now and not Jear's. And also now I am very terrified trying out any ATM  machines with my card as the one I used at the aiport told me twice that I have put in a wrong pin and I couldn't withdraw money. I am very sure that I remember my pin right. And when I am sure I remember something right, I remember it right. Glad they exchange philippine bills here though or else I would've been really fked! I'm afraid the machine might gobble up my card if I keep on getting a 'wrong pin' message. Jeeeeeez.

Ok, so I should have a plan. After this I will try to see if the room has somehow miraculously dispersed it's horrible smell pollution and then get some sleep. If I can't even make it past 10 seconds of staying inside then I should go out and look for another ATM machine. If I am able to get some money then I will try out some restaurants around and just eat. After that, meet up with some travbuddies. Can not get smashed though, alcohol is ridiculously can-not-be-afforded! Jear is asking me to pick him up at the aiport tonight. Well, he got another flight, thank good bejeebles, and I can get my backpack back. I will not pick him up, MRT is closed by the time he arrives. He'll be alright. I should get some sleep.

skydiver says:
Wow, what a crazy beggining of a trip, haha. Would have liked to see the pictures of you posing in Jear's cloth, bwhahahaha.
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
derekbilldaly says:
Haha poor girl!

It always seems to be a full on adventure when you travel haha
Hope it all works out for you
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
lauro says:
WHAT?!!!! tang ina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

asan si jr?!!!!!
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
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