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Arrived pretty late on a cold night yesterday in Milan and met up with a filipino bloke I met on the internet not on travbuddy. Was really really starving I could eat just about anything but the filipino food was just as great as the fact that it was free. And then we went out to meet his three friends and headed to a pub for some alcoholism.

Got pretty drooooonk with two glasses of vodka with red bull and another shot of vodka that was awesomely good. Didn't want anymore beer as I had some of my brains screwed up already early yesterday and I have discovered that beer is my mortal enemy now, after global warming and Wayne. Honestly, still haven't fully recovered I feel like my heart is still beating fast and I could punch anyone right now. Had a really good time though, especially love the vodka shot. x_______x

The bloke is pretty nice but I hate the fact that he fancies me so much he wanted to sleep with me when we got back. But don't worry, I am still a good girl, in the right mind (really??!!), and I know kung fu thanks to my childhood memories of watching a lot of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Chuck Norris. Ah childhood memories, feeling nostalgic right now, good times huh. Really don't worry, he lives with his whole family here nothing will happen except me kicking him out of the bed because of my kung fu and red bull.

Will be staying at someone else tonight, someone from travbuddy whose name is Dennis and I'm not worried because I don't think he fancies me. Good good. I just have to buy a new sim card though as I've ran out of phone credits. I still have a month left in europe.

Seriously, I'm alright. Don't worry I'm four feet taller than him and I just thought I was gonna go blind from having soap in my eyes with my shower this morning. I really need to punch someone, dang red bull!
learn_2_fly says:
is he? LOL
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
darlingwish says:
charing? ikaw nagsabi niyan hahahahaha
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
i_am_dennis says:
yeah, you were about 4 feet taller than that dude, huh? you should've challenged him to a basketball game.

"... because I don't think he fancies me."

hoy... anong akala mo sakin? charing? :p
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
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