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i was hiding my kfc meal behind my back jsut so u wont know but i guess now u do because i just said so.

We barely made the train to Bratislava and I admit that it wasn't very genius of us to spend all our remainding polish bills on beers. It wasn't all completely my idea, I was forced to drink! We completely collapsed on our sleepers as we got on the train nearly missing it by a minute. I felt like I was going to die from exhaustion for running miles to our train with bacpacks feeling a bit tipsy and mental already from the beers. And I blame it to Wayne. I even think it's his fault that I forgot to buy postcards in Krakow. I do blame him for everything. Even global warming. And Paris Hilton.

Anyhoo, a dude named Martin (skydiver)  is our unlucky host  who allowed us to spend a night at his apartment because of my 'financial situation' (really man, you did not have to say it that way on your blog!.

look here readers: There were 4 mentals from travbuddy as well who came to enjoy their lives (and also one dude who's not on travbuddy). Martin has some pictures which I am stealing right now, my own will have to wait until I dunnoooooo.....  And there's a couple of videos from late this night which I am still in process of resolving if I shall show it to you someday for self-humiliation or will just keep it to myself for self-entertainment.

By the way, I really enjoyed eating the first KFC meal I've ever had since new yr's even though they only have gravy for the smashed potatoes.  I know a few people might think that I'm just overreacting by giggling over chicken wings but I'm not. You won't understand the depression I sometimes had before for eating almost the same food everyday. I've had enough pancakes, waffles, french toast and peanut butter sandwhich as meals. And I'm not even talking about as breakfast meals. Dinner and lunch as well. So sad. But that was past already and I have a big futue with KFC ahead of me.

And did I just type 'Smashed Potatoes'? Not even gonna change it.

babyaly1 says:
lol my grandma calls them smashed potatoes so it's ok :o)
Posted on: May 18, 2009
skydiver says:
Heeeey, you little thief, hahahaha. My pictures. What do you mean with "unlucky" host? ;-) Aaeeeh, and the videos are not just about your self humiliation, hahaha.
Posted on: Jun 09, 2008
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i was hiding my kfc meal behind my…
i was hiding my kfc meal behind m…
so formal of them
so formal of them
brilliant shot. idea. me. bwahahaha
brilliant shot. idea. me. bwahahaha
im not that small in person. reall…
im not that small in person. real…
dinner time and im already....
dinner time and im already....
photo by: Vagabondatheart