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I really didn't have any alcohol since vodka night on this day, only coffee which probably made me feel worse while i try to recover as I felt like anything but calm and relaxed. I'm not a doctor nor a scientist nor Dr. Phil, but I don't think mixing vodka redbull and quite a strong coffee is good for your system/brains. I lost a bestfriend by the way, my cutie tripod, just couldn't remember where the hell I have put it in Milan.

Anyway, Dennis the bloke who was my second host in Milan was kinda disappointed when I didn't meet his expectations. I think he might have heard it somewhere or some people (from myself I suppose and I 'm just not aware of what I tell people, or really just not aware about anything, but I can not be so sure) that I'm crazy and I could jump on walls but instead in person I'm a bit shy, normal and hmmmm charming? I don't know about you but why on earth would people think that I could jump on walls? Do I sound that mental to you here? Seriously, I wish I could but I really can't jump on walls. I'm so sorry.

Because of the rain, it got quite cold to around 13degrees and I didn't bother about sightseeing stuff so we stayed all day in and watched random stuff and one awful zombie movie that really didn't make any sense. I mean come on, how can you explain how people suddenly turn into zombies but not actually from zombie bites instead by just like a car accident or shooting yourself with a gun. They didn't explain it. And the character camera man died! What the hey? It was the (worst and) most confusing movie I have ever seen in two years. And they made it cheesy. You can never make a zombie movie cheesy. Never ever. But they did. It was that bad!

Anyway, arriiiverecciiiiidiii (however they spell goodbye in Italian) Milan and the whole entire Italian empire.

PS. I had this filipino food that is one of my favorites and it's called blood pudding.

PSS. (or PPS?) It is made out of pig meat on pig's blood.

PSPPSPSP. It doesn't sound good but you should give it a try, not that yucky really, unless you're a vegan.
darlingwish says:
ohhh i see what black pudding is now! we also have that in germany but dinuguan is different! and i looove dinuguan! but not with rice cakes. really just with boiled rice. oh yummy! i wish i know how to cook some grrrrr!
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
wayneollerenshaw says:
Yup it is! Congealed pigs blood and fat/meat, different to yours though - Dinuguan? B.P looks more like a black sausage.

Awesome :)

I think i had some of that dinuguan in the Philippines though...with rice cakes? It was alright but rice cakes are too sweet for pudding is better ;)
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
darlingwish says:
hahaha ayos lang un dennis ano. di mo kasalanan. at normal lang talaga ako in person bwahahaha
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
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