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We've just arrived in Vientiane! No, actually, we had lunch here already (and the fried frogs were so tempting to eat!). And we have also walked around the area of this city for a while not knowing where to go really and can not be bothered to look up on our Lonely Planet book that says there's only one ATM machine here when actually we've seen loads every 150 seconds. Hmmmmm, after that we also almost got oh so lost because we really just can not be bothered bothering our Lonely Planet book. And now we've just logged in on travbuddy when we finally found the place where we will take the bus to Vang Vieng in an hour. Would go to Luang Prabang if the bus wouldn't take ten hours and I just need sleeeeeeeeep so today we are just heading to Vang Vieng first!

Oh jeez, the phone just rang here in the internet cafe it scared the bejeebles out of me since it is just soooooo quite in here!! Thought it was a bomb or something else scary on crack.  This city is soooo quite it makes me sleepy! Well to be fair, I am actually awfully sleepy as I had like only an hour of sleep 4am this morning and that's about it for my last night! I am probably killing myself with all the lack of sleep I'm doing to myself. Did get some sleep on the taxi on the way to the airport in Kuala Lumpur and a couple of hours of sleep on the plane but after that I think my neck was in so much pain it felt like some Oprah on crack did kung fu on me I couldn't sleep anymore.  I wanna get more sleep on the bus to Vang Vieng but I think I should learn some chinese instead as I have planned way before my trip started that I will bring a book on Mandarin and try to selft study the language. But so far, all I'm learning are mostly tekken moves as I am getting soooo addicted (again) with playing tekken on psp!

Hmmmm what else do I have to say... I'm sleepy?? I need sleep?? I'm exhausted?? But since I'm in Laos now and it is soooo laid back here, I might finally get to relax! Sucks Jear doesn't know how to bike though, I've always wanted to bike around here... And he also doesn't know how to swim... Yeah, really don't care if he drowns in Mekong as long as he leaves me his valuables and money... Oh dear bejeebles, Jear doesnt have any of those! Now, I really dont care!  Oh by the way it is soooo easy, really soooo easy, to be a millionaire here in Laos. I've just withdrawn about 1,000,000 kips earlier. MILLION! Oh jeez, I'm really sleepy. When is the phone gonna ring again? I need to wake up a little.  

it is time now for us to go and catch our bus. 3 hours to Vang Vieng. We will probably finish the movie we started watching on my psp... but I really want to kill that guy on tekken who's really annoying! I just need to uppercut him or something....

taberd1983 says:
Nice write up...thanks for sharing!
Posted on: Aug 26, 2011
sylviandavid says:
Get some sleep....... then,...relax and have fun.
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
tazmania says:
Sabai Dee Hanie ;)
Have a good trip in Laos!!!
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
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