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my poor chucks. hang on for 7 more weeks!

Oh dear, I knew this was going to happen. I only packed my bags this morning and yet I still have loads of errands undone.  I literally ran four floors up to get to this room and do some last minute blabbers. I don't have time to put any pictures geez! I'm leaving in half an hour and I bet I forgot a lot of things to pack with me and list down informations I need. Whaaaaat the!!!

Okay, brain freeze, I forgot the things I wanted to say. Nahhh forget them! I'm sad to leave this place but I have no choice now. I should be in Krakow this afternoon that is if I won't miss my flight. Oh! I almost forgot, my salary for this month hasn't been given to me yet, good thing I remember that one! That's very important. Every euros matters! I am so on a budget!

Okay Okay Okay.

my two important passports
.. My heart is beating fast. What else, what else. Oh I can't find my dang sim card. I need that one of course! I haven't written a blog yet about yesterday which was my last day of work! I guss I should do that one tonight at the hostel. My travel buddy shouldn't mind, should he? I can leave him alone. Nyahahaha. That dude by the way is named Wayne, from England, the city of Chesterfield I guess (wherever that is, England??). I still havent heard from him since last night, maybe because my sim card is missing!!!!!

Oh dear! I remember one more thing, I still have files left here needed to be burned! And it's impossible now, I only have 20 minutes left to live. Maybe I can post a couple of useless pics on here.


Speak later!!!!!!!!!!



jp2506 says:
Nike Women Air Force 1 Low Mid High
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009
ctjevans says:
hahaha, so frantic and funny :-))
Posted on: Jun 01, 2008
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my poor chucks. hang on for 7 more…
my poor chucks. hang on for 7 mor…
my two important passports
my two important passports
i will worry about that on the day…
i will worry about that on the da…
my fridge. the chocolates are mine
my fridge. the chocolates are mine
photo by: lapostol77