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I hardly slept last night because sleeping with all 9 guys in one room I found to be a mental torture. Those drunk bastards woke me up at 4 am annoying the bejeebles out off me (whatever that is). They were so noisy and irritating I almost gone Britney but I was out of energy the best that I could do was curse 'holly molly Irish men' to myself (thought they were English men but Wayne told me Irish, he could be lying or not). And what's with the throwing of the shoe to the window and had almost hit me? But alas, I have slept at 5ish again. Woke up at 6ish with a headache. They were snoring, whistling,  and even farting, oh for goodness' sakes, and I couldn't take it anymore I feel like I was in a jungle or back in Manila . I wasn't supposed to get up until 10ish but I did so at 7ish to get a shower.

I haven't seen any other female guests here aside from me. So the shower room was a sight with all those men in their underwears. I went back to bed again after as the noise has gone down. Oh the sight of all those men in my room was just interesting. I took a picture of them but i forgot to take out the flash! One guy saw me and he hurriedly pulled up his blanket to cover his hairy legs and tummy. And the smell was so .. manly. I don't know if I should blame them the humidity of the room as well. 

Got a couple more hours of sleep and now we should be heading to the Auschwitz concentration camp after we have some breakfast and if we walk really fast to the station and not miss the train there as we only have 40 minutes to do so. I'm really hungry!

santafeclau says:
Hi Hanie:

I had a similar experience in a Hostel in Barcelona, after 2 days without a decent sleep I changed my room. And they were all from UK. :(
Posted on: Oct 11, 2008
Archie1978 says:
hahaha.... ang sarap sarap saaaaaarap naman!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
inirr says:
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
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