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You know whaaaaat?! I just wrote a whole entry and when I tried to copy it so to be safe, then boom! they were all gone and I couldn't type them anymore. I am here at the airport and I shouldn't be on the internet anymore. This is why I missed my flight the last time and I AM NEVER GONNA LEARN! Audrey told me not to get on the computer once I see these cute little internet corners but ooooh temptations! I can't miss this flight. No I can't!

Oh I met up with Matt (TB codename: villan) today and he was really nice! He promised me a job when I come back to London and also an apartment, loads of money, a car, backstreet boys cd's and whatever I want..... Audrey is soooo nice I'm gonna miss her but we will see again in November!

I've already checked in and I have a good one hour to get my butt to the boarding gate. Shouldn't worry Steph/Hanie/Esteph/Estephanie (damn all these names), you'll be alright! Those guys at the check-in desks were being silly at me and at my german. The guy who did my boarding pass were joking and talking in german on how he likes to play with his rabbit, and that how big it is and .. brown. Tsk tsk, I didn't mind much. I've had enough of hooola woola incidents on this trip. Can't believe this leg of my trip is finally really over. It's been great (until I missed my flight the other day) and I had an awesome time! Now I'm ooooooooff to Asia, finally!

I'm flying with Korean Air and I wonder how it is to be surrounded by fast talking koreans in a plane. Shouldn't be too bad. I am tired. I am now going to start my South East Asian adventures sooooon! yay! I don't have any chocolates for my relatives, if they complain too much (I expect it 12057690%), I'll just buy them 20 bags of chocolates in a mall in the Philippines to shut them up. Woooh, I'm so nice!

Really, I can't miss this plane. If I do, I SWEAR I WILL NEVER LOG IN ON TRAVBUDDY AGAIN!!! (woooh, scary!).

So two days of no travbuddy for me y'all. I'm going to have a looong korean sleep on the plane. Will try to ask for beer, I've always wondered about doing it!

Hmmmm, what else to say..... My friends in Europe, I shall return in November! XXX (oh jeez, i almost tried to copy the text again, almost! and then i will lose all this text again! i am never gonna learn!)



darlingwish says:
i didnt miss it BWAHAHAHAH! thanks!
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
skydiver says:
Honestly, your departure (if you didn't miss that damn flight again, no blog within the next 2 days will be a good sign, hahah) sounds as chaotic as the rest of your trip. Have fun in Asia.
Posted on: Jul 17, 2008
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