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Rain + Campsite = they don't get along very well!

Sleeping in a tent isn't so bad. Well, that is if you're already asleep because before that you'll first hear all sorts of noises from the city like cars honking, motorcycles roaring, church bells ding dong ding-ing (wth?), sirens screaming, dogs barking, football fans shouting, mosquitoes weezing, italian men chuckling, etc etc. Tents are not sound proofed but at least they keep you from the rain only it shouldn't rain too much until late in the morning when you really need to pee and you are definitely bothered getting wet by running to the toilet a million miles away.

But alas, the sun came out and so did my roommate so I hurriedly went out but it was freaking muddy outside I slipped and got mud all over my behind. It was painful and now I have more bruises added to my collection. And you know what's worse? The toilets were closed for cleaning! I was so desperate I just went into some strange cubicle and did my business only a guy came knocking in and pushing the door. It was a fight for life so I also pushed the door back until I was done. 5 minutes later, I ran out as fast as I can (slipped again a little) without looking back so that the guy wouldn't even see my face, only my muddy behind.  Went back to my tent to change my pants but my roommate was coming in so I hurriedly pulled my pants up and due to panic I sat on my bed, with my muddy behind! What the ---!

I am definitely going to do laundry tonight but I guess I will do handwash instead of the machine because it costs 3.50euro and drying already costs the same as well. If only I have some godly power to dry the clothes myself I would have had the choice of not paying for drying too. But then again, I'm only a girl (wth?).

Oh by the way, I didn't get the chance to apologize to McDonald's yesterday because I simply forgot. If there was flooding in your toilet I accept the blame, I didn't know how to turn off your faucet and believe me I tried. 

I think I might fancy some gelato right now. I hope there's one for under one euro...... x__x

kikomanzoni says:
niiiiiiiice blog! :)
Posted on: Aug 09, 2011
2win says:
i hope my stomach gets its act together soon!!!!! i probably can have a bit of vodka, but im not taking the risk!! hehehe! but i can get drunk enough on amaretto, plus it tastes tons better! bit like almond marzipan!
b'day celebration is on the 28th june, i've sent you an invite on FB already, but god knows where you'll be! actual b'days 24th july, i'll be lying on a beach in koh samui then :D
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
darlingwish says:
300 flavours of vodka?????? thats insane! i hope my stomach will always and forever allow vodka. is there any chance that u can somehow drink vodka again? i dunno, im not a doctor and u study medicine! cant wait for amaretto girl!!! whens ur bday celebration btw??
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
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