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shot by timer and beer
I just met up with a random in Pisa. No not really random, the girl's name is Silvia and you might know here because she's on travbuddy.  really not that interested in the leaning tower, just wanted to have someone to drink alcohol with. Too much alcohol mentioned on this blog people will think I'm that bad. What has happened to me (apology I'm a little hungover right now! bwahahahahaha i love this blog).

After buying some beers at the hospital we sat down on grassy land and got a bit drunk after ___ beers. We had a deal that we're going to lie about how much beer got us drooooonnk especially me because as an aspiring alcoholic, it's a shame how much beers got me really mental. But being the good travbuddy citizen that I am, I have resolved to not tell anyone the exact number of beers instead of lying.
It was a bit crazy being drunk for just a couple of beers, I haaaate beer (ah there you go I just told you I got mental for only 2 beers, I really hate Ceres).  According to Silvia, we were leaning more than the tower and again I have a video!

I did buy Silvia one beer for her because someone told me to and I don't really mind because he's going to pay for it. For the rest of his life it will haunt him. To be fair Silvia, the beer did come from my heart. I have to mention this group of blokes I saw yesterday. They were American-Indians (you know, the ones with the feathers on their hats) and performs some errrr unique music and they actually have cd's they sell on the streets. I saw them in Bucharest many days ago as well and I'm pretty sure they're the same blokes with the same dodgey dance steps. But actually, I'm catching up on their tunes now and theyre pretty good (beeeer oh my). And some strange people actually buy their cd's.  Some european tour huh? Wonder where I'll see them next.

Ah it was a good day. Good enough for me to forget the traumatic moment I had yesterday when I saw this weird and naked italian dude who was hiding in the bush and then 5 seconds after had a change of mind and decided to call me, and being the weird me looked back and saw the guy flashing his scary teeny weeny. What's up Italy??????
darlingwish says:
bwahahahaha thanks for the congrats? hehehehe
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
kickasstunner says:
that's not usually your thing having a beer with you in pictures! hahaha! :P but congrats! welcome to the club! at least you're not just depending on water now! hahaha!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
darlingwish says:
maybe i will like beer somedat but still vodka is looove
Posted on: Jun 17, 2008
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shot by timer and beer
shot by timer and beer
photo by: asturjimmy