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my egg roll, its less humiliating when i post it before anyone else does! bwahahahaha
Shots, meaning photo shots not alcohol shots! Do you think I'm that alcoholic now? I didn't have any alcohol today at all. Come on, people now think that I'm always drunk when I 'act' crazy. Kind of getting annoying now. No not really! Keep the drunk comments coming y'all! *im not droonk!*

Finally, Nina was able to sleep. But I still got the blame for Irish weather, cold and drizzly (maybe there's such a word, I dunno, I dont check). There's a fortress somewhere in Kinsale that we went to but we had to walk 2 miles there to and from the bus stop. Absolute torture I'm telling you. It was awful and no one wants to carry anyone on her back. Friendships temporarily end on things like this.
i was a tekken kid bwahahahaha
But we had tons of fun there though (when we're not walking and panting). It was very windy by the way and I think it's because of the sea (but they say it's me!). I always thought it's windy all the time at coastal areas. Always! And Iya (she's on tb: missaeliya) hates the wind for ruining her chances to pose for pictures. She doesn't like her hair being all over her head but me... well, forget about me. You know I'm mental.

So Iya took those kung fu pictures we made where Connie (Nina's housemate) joined us with at some times. We also made some jumpshots while doing gymnastics. Unfortunately, my parents never cared about sending me to gymnastics class when I was a kid (not that I asked them to though, but still Im wondering why not) but I am proud for at least trying to be the worst cart wheeler ever. But no one can beat my egg roll. Bwahahahahaha. And you're probably waiting now for the part where I say what alcohol I took eh? No, I really didn't drink at all! This is non-fictional.  Like you know, REAL. Got it?

Euro cup update: Spain beat Italy! And I am ever inlove now with Fernando Torres. I will marry him! Forget the Romanian husband.

Really really no alcohol for today! Don't push it!
mypictures4u says:
Kinsale? Did you visit the "Old Head of Kinsale"? The famous cliff? If not...you will have to go there again! :-D :-P
I have no idea how you manage to travel with so much alcohol running through your veins... :-D
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
tazmania says:
marry with Torres!?!?! lol ... ha ha i'm really love & enjoy to read your blog ;)
Posted on: Jun 28, 2008
darlingwish says:
Posted on: Jun 26, 2008
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my egg roll, its less humiliating …
my egg roll, its less humiliating…
i was a tekken kid bwahahahaha
i was a tekken kid bwahahahaha
iya really did gymnastics when she…
iya really did gymnastics when sh…
the most horrendous jumpshot in th…
the most horrendous jumpshot in t…
u can see who really went to gymna…
u can see who really went to gymn…
after cartwheel... just wanted to …
after cartwheel... just wanted to…
ready fight!
ready fight!
also, i wasnt sent to taekwondo or…
also, i wasnt sent to taekwondo o…
killer move
killer move
tag team? not fair!
tag team? not fair!
over acting now!
over acting now!
photo by: Paulovic