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I love free internet and I do think I'm quite sort of kind of blessed with it sometimes. Internet here at the boarding gate in Sandefjord airport is free only it's kinda sort of hard to type because the keyboard is made of steel and I wish there was a chair. I feel a bit awful and weird about my stomachache, shouldn't have downed my favorite cookies in a rush. There was just no point of doing so.

Time flew by so fast and my short visit in Norway is finally over. My Aunt did not forget to lend me money (or at least unintentionally) and  I am jolly about it. Erm, so what did I do anyway for the past week in Oslo.. I think I met up with Jeff and Gudny last tuesday and did touristy stuff. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have known and seen the new Oslo Opera House or building or something. Because sometimes I do forget to notice a big and bright white building even though I (might) have passed by it already a couple of tmes before I met up with them. Unfortunately, Gudny can only spare a couple of hours for us because she had to work, but it was really nice of her to drive us around.

Then Jeff and I went to loads of bars and got pretty droonk (well, I was). Loads because I was denied for a couple of times (not gonna tell how much really) because I didn't have any ID with me that tells my age. It sucks sometimes to look ever so young...... To summarize: Had ice cream, then bad Guinness (so disappointing), vodka, vodka again (or not), denied for a drink, denied for a drink, denied for a drink, jiminy beans, jiminy beans, asked for ID, water because no ID, kebab, water because of kebab, late night travbuddy time online, very disturbed sleep.

Oh I also got to work two saturdays ago. The babysitting job was really easy, I was just left with the kids and a laptop with internet access. Reminds me of my good old days here when I was paid to come over by Filipina moms so I can use their internet and eat good food that I can not learn to cook ever. Well, I did play with the kids of course and it was fun but not physically because I almost broke my neck and I had like a spoonful of sand in my mouth.  And we made videos of us dancing, which really includes me, and I swear it will never get to reach youtube. The girl also played as a model and I was a photographer, might post the pictures someday because she was really good in posing which reminds me I was never like that when I was 7yrs young. What did i do back then anyway? Oh I fought with my neighbors by shooting pellet guns because they were using our christmas lights for practice shooting and I had to fight them back before we even run out of lights by Christmas night. But I lost because I got scared when I was shot near my left eye so we had really no Christmas lights on Christmas night. Oh wait, that was in high school!! Good times though, good times.

Sorry I'm just bored. I'm talking complete nonsense. But I don't think you will ever get someone to talk about christmas lights and pellet guns on travbuddy. That's why I'm so cool.

There you go, I posted an entry today which means I'm not neglecting this blog anymore. I see a big airpline outside with the name Ryan Air. Could be mine. Speak later, whenever.


andiboi says:
"I don't think you will ever get someone to talk about christmas lights and pellet guns on travbuddy. That's why I'm so cool."

way cool Hanie, way cooool hahaha :-)
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
mypictures4u says:
You are probably the only other person I know who have ever been to Sandefjord! :-D
Posted on: Jul 10, 2008
skydiver says:
Well, Jeff told me already that you were denied drinks a couple of times, but didn't tell me the exact number unfortunatly, haha.
Posted on: Jul 08, 2008
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