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Yep, I did find this free internet here at the airport in Seoul. I didn't miss my flight at all. It's ... ugh wait.. I'm seeing something cool right now. A kid is trying out this uber cool mega techie phone game and it's sooooo uber cool mega techie! It's like a 5d game! Anyhoo, the kid's gone.... So I was saying, I'm at the airport and I found this spot where a phone company is displaying their latest phone and wi-fi products. And this laptop is working and I get access to the internet! I know I don't have to look and inspect this small wi-fi thingy to seem as if I'm interested so as not to feel guilty of using this computer for travbuddy but I'm doing it anyway!

I want to get out of this airport and see Seoul but I'm heading to Manila. I had an idea of moving my flight here in November to a few days earlier so I won't only stop by for a few hours but a few days instead. I'm so smart!

The flight went by soooo fast. I slept through most of it, like 10 hours.  I am quite bored right now. I might surf until my flight boards in two hours or until they kick me out of here. Really, I'm bored I just stare at nothingness in between sentences that I write. There you go, I just stared at it again. .....

darlingwish says:
crazy i am!!! ok ok, im off to my flight! ciao and thanks!
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
mypictures4u says:
Hurry, don't miss your flight! :-P
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
mypictures4u says:
Happy, a lil bit crazy, funny, charming, did I mention a little bit crazy? :-P
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
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