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I can´t find Lauro and the gang! Maybe because I´m not really looking and instead I´m taking advantage of  this 1euro an hour internet even though my computer is put in front of the door and if I scoot back a little like 2 feet I will be on the streets.  I don´t have phone credits and I did intentionally not put credits on my phone the past two days since I am not a spender really (news!).  I didn´t see them in the hostel we´re all be staying at and I wonder where the hell they are now. I just received a text message from Lau and he asked me where the hell I am as well but I can´t text! I am sooooo reliable.

If I don´t see them it´s fine. I really need to go to bed early and have a long sleep. I stayed up all night until 3 am this morning and woke up at 4am to catch my train from Hamburg to Frankfurt. But I had sleep on the train for 3 hours, on a bus for 2 and on a plane for another 2. But I need to rest my neck because I can´t move it an inch. I feel like a robot. Nope, I´m a travel machine. A travel machine who needs a bed.

 So I just got another text from Lauro. I have to meet them in an hour at the nearest subway station and since I don´t have money to reply I can not text no. Darn it. Oh thanks to James by the way for texting him. You know, this is what travbuddy is for, when a stingy sleepless girl can not afford to text someone she goes asking a friend from travbuddy to do the favor for her.

Oh just wanna share, I dyed my hair really really dark brown last night while under the influence of piña colada and now I look absolutely different (and terrifying). It looks black but not really because it´s really really dark brown. I never had this dark hair before and I am erm... terrified! I always feel like someone is looking at my hair and surely they do.  I regret it really. I still even have residue of the chemicals on my scalp because I did not have time to rinse them all off. So if you ever see me on the pictures sometime soon, BE NICE AND NOT SAY ANYTHING HURTFUL ABOUT IT! THIS IS A THREAT!!!

OK, off to see Lauro and the others soon (against my will).......... no, of course not. Or maybe.

ratu says:
Hannie is joking, her hair was ok, I liked!
But I didn't saw her with the older color.
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
mellemel8 says:
i saw your hair in JC'S blog. i like it :)
Posted on: Jul 13, 2008
tazmania says:
dyed your hair? hehehe wanna see your new look ;)
Posted on: Jul 12, 2008
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