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Italian law now recquires trabuddy addicts to surrender their passports or european identity card.

The internet here at the campsite is located in the bar and everyone's watching football, cheering, drinking alcohol (jealous!!!) and I'm the only strange one in front of the pc, doing travbuddy of course. Me: Internet please! Lady at the bar: I need your passport. Me: I don't have it. it's at the reception! Lady: You have to get it. Me quite frustrated: Waiiiit! I have another passport! Bwahahahahahahaha!

This 30 min. of internet time should better be worth my 3 euros.... x_x

I met the filipino couple again from yesterday on the bus to the airport (I wasn't flying, just had to take the bus there and then another bus to blah blah blah...) and had the chance to take a picture with them (oh they are so gonna be on travbuddy, I have their email address!). They told me about the gondola dudes in Venice who were charging them 100euros for a ride and that is awfully expensive (and certified cheeeesy). I am so not riding one for that price or maybe until 4 years from now when I come back with my Romanian husband.

Now I am in beautiful Florence but before I made my way to the campsite I stopped by at McDo for my breakfast, lunch and dinner (wtf?!). I saw this Filipina lady working there who I thought looks so much like my aunt in Norway when she gets old (in 5 yrs) but she can't know this because I need a place to stay in Oslo when I go there and also someone who I can borrow money from so I can get smashed and drooonk in Madrid and London next month. I am pretty much doing all this starvation and illegal commuting so I can buy all the Jiminy Beans that I can drink.

I have changed. I know I have and my friends are happy and ecstatic about it when they found out that I have finally welcomed alcohol into my sweet innocent life. Now theyre all asking me for a seies of drooonken nights when I see them. When people say a person can change the world I think I believe them now. Maybe I can change the world, for better or for worse please keep your judgements to yoursleves. x__x

Anyhoo, I'm really sleeping in a tent here, a house tent to be exact as a small tent would be terrible to share with two blokes (I wonder if they're Irish). There is no electricity so I might be forced to unplug one of the washing machines in the laundry room to charge my camera. I want to doze off now and go back to the tent that is pestered by bugs now but that is if I could find my tent that is placed in the most hidden corner of the campsite so I would not find it.

Only ten minutes left of internet time. Darn it.....

darlingwish says:
oh no doubt about that! jc is def craaaaazy! me no.
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
2win says:
hahhaha!!!! ye, im looking forward to meeting JC! he seems CRAZY!
Posted on: Jun 14, 2008
darlingwish says:
ooohhhhh jc is coming to madrid too??? ooohhh its gonna be some droooonken night eh!!
Posted on: Jun 14, 2008
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