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that's a baby! (and that's also not a coat hanger but wth!)

I'm in Oslo now, if you're just wondering where on earth I am. DonĀ“t care? Fine. I just read a message from someone asking me if I'm already in outerspace. Seriously dude, wtf? Am I that cool now?

I admit it was sad leaving Ireland, I had so much fun and my host Nina was really nice, kind-hearted, helpful, fun, and really kind-hearted (well, I know she'll read this....).  Thanks for everything and I really feel bad because the only good thing that I did back to you was to scrub off the burnt rice on the pot the other night (took me a long time and loads of energy). It was all my fault anyway, can't damn cook anything right! But to be honest (and proud), the next rice I cooked was absolutely perfect. We'll see if that was just some darn luck if I'll cook again... that is if I know how to turn on the stove on my own....

Before I got on the plane to Oslo yesterday, I had some questions swarming around my big head while I was listening to some Norwegian folks chuckling on the queue to the boarding gate.  Did I really use to live in Norway before? For how long? Did I learn some of the Norwegian language? Why can't I understand them now? Why did I not have a boyfriend?!! What the hell did I do in Oslo for so many months? Why can't I remember much? 

Oh dear. What was I drinking....

Anyhooooo,  at this moment I am at a friend's of my Aunt and the atmosphere is so typical filipino. My Aunt is 'singing' some bloody cheesy and annoying 17th century song on videoke/karaoke, her friend is cooking some filipino food (but as I am typing now she finally got her turn singing on the videoke, the song sucks really), I'm sitting here in front of the pc and loads of very sour grapes which I am eating anyway, a sleeping baby is wrapped around a blanket that is tied on a coat hanger hanging on the door *wth i am no good at explaining, your problem now!*  but moments ago it was just running around, rolling and choking on batteries. They said that the baby will wake up if they stop singing that is why they are both doing (my Aunt and her friend) some duet on a really cheesy song from the middle ages. Like I'm gonna believe that huh!  Oh jeez, my Aunt picked a Peter Cetera song, I loooove him! Gotta go and join them.

Oh by the way, Germany wooooooon! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

darlingwish says:
just kidding jc!!! i wasnt thinking of it! well not always! hehehehe
Posted on: Jul 05, 2008
ratu says:
Hannie thinking what?

Why did I not have a boyfriend?!

Posted on: Jul 05, 2008
darlingwish says:
dont worry! they know what theyre doing! yeeep they do know! hahahaha
Posted on: Jun 29, 2008
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thats a baby! (and thats also no…
that's a baby! (and that's also n…
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