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welcome home

People here are so far being nice to me. I have to get used to again to coming home everyday with my room already been cleaned and my laundry done. And if I ever want to use my brother's computer I just have to go at my neighbor's to get it (or ask someone to get it). I also borrowed a laptop which I use at home but still no internet connection and there's no one at my neighborhood to steal wi-fi connection from because it seems that everyone goes here at this dodgy internet cafe to surf the web and that is why I sometimes have to wait 15 minutes to get a free computer or until the owner kicks out a kid and sends him home so I can have my turn since I am so special. I wish my family wouldn't be so against having microwave though, because eating cold rice everynight when I come home late isn't any fun. But I doubt they even know what a microwave is. Seriously, they don't.


Speaking of coming home late, my mom gets really worried when I always come home every night.

chicken feet barbecue anyone?
because it is not safe for a cutie cute girl like me to go wandering off alone, anywhere, or just for anyone actually, even not so cute. A gas station somewhere nearby was robbed the other night and yeah it is pretty scary. So I had my brother picked me up twice now and it sucks because he is younger than me and I still don't know how to drive, or at least have a licence (which is possible even if you don't know how to drive here really). But I can not ask him to drive me everywhere I go though because gas is so expensive!! I am being unsociable to my family and also very clueless to what's been happening in our home. I've been here for five days now and I only found out last night, when I came home late, that we have three birds as pets and one of them can talk but the only word it knows is 'Ugly'. Who taught it must be on drugs or came from my family. We already have three dogs, one whose foot was ran over by a car (my mom driving.. poor dog but he's fine now.. just limping), a lot of cockroaches (two I saw making out last night), and we probably have a beehive somewhere too, up our roof maybe, will never know, especially me.
and how about chicken heads?


I need proper sleep. 15 hours of proper sleep please. I can not sleep well at night and every morning I have to wake up at the sound of hammering downstairs as my mom is doing some floor renovations. I don't know what for exactly, the floor is fine when I saw it. She's probably bored. No, it's not her hammering, or is it her? I have no clue. But at least they know that tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Singapore. They don't know where exactly I'm going and when I'll be coming back. They don't know my itinerary and how much money I will be spending. And you know what? I don't know myself! I haven't packed yet, booked any accomodations, printed out any wiki travel pages and any other preparations. I haven't even bought a new pair of chucks yet so I guess I will be using my chucks for a month more and so.

so these are my chucks now. they were really black before!
It'll be fine. My used-to-be-black chucks are now fading to grayish color. I can see white parts now actually and I can even see the floor when I look through it inside. Should I buy a new one now? I still have time.


I don't know if you know, or even care which really you don't, that Jear will be traveling with me for the next 3 weeks. It will be no fun. I am not looking forward to it. It will be like traveling with Oprah on crack. Yep, that bad.


Now I am off to do some last minute shopping as I need more clothes. I don't have much clothes here since I left most of my stuff in schnitzel land Germany and it's not comfy to wear clothes that have been stocked up in my closet for years and haven't been worn since the 90's. I finally made a list last night of stuff I need to shop because I keep on forgetting what I have to buy at the mall everytime I go. But I guess before I head there I should go home first and look again and search my whole room for the list.


Ahhhhhh this place.. feels too foreign for me sometimes but also quite familiar... Too deep. I can't explain.

martinezsmi says:
oprah on crack isn't that when she's skinny lol
love the pictures have you ever eaten any chicken feet or heads? i might have to try them when i go next year
Posted on: Aug 08, 2008
planisphere says:
the place didn't change, maybe you did. malalim ba? heeheh nahawa ako sa yo eh. hahaha
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
mypictures4u says:
"Schnitzel land" Germany? Bwahaha! :-D
Posted on: Jul 28, 2008
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welcome home
welcome home
chicken feet barbecue anyone?
chicken feet barbecue anyone?
and how about chicken heads?
and how about chicken heads?
so these are my chucks now. they w…
so these are my chucks now. they …
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