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who says we're getting along?
Two Cambodian tuk-tuk drivers hate us now! No, one of them is not the tuk-tuk driver from the burning tuk-tuk in Phnom Penh, it wasn't our fault though I blame my erm.. jinxness for it! These two tuk-tuk drivers that I'm talking about are the ones who we hired to get us to Angkor Wat but being too lazy to get up early in the morning we didn't go out of our room until a million hours after! I do feel so guilty (really I do and I swear I do to all the members of the Backstreet Boys, to Irish car bombs, to Torres...) for doing it twice (making them wait until they realize that we aren't going to show up)! Again really I swear (to all the members of the Backstreet Boys, to Irish car bombs, to Torres.
my camera is so uber cool! smile jear!
..) I feeeeeel bad!

Anyhooo, moving on, we did make it finally to Angkor Wat after hiring another tuk-tuk and luckily weather have been ridiculously kind it didn't rain the whole time we were temple hopping though it was very hot we have consumed about a tank of water (each!). Been there, done that, I don't mind being back again! I didn't get to climb up the towers in Angkor Wat this time again though since they are off limits now! Wait, really, why? Sources have told me that they have (probably) realized that it's deadly... but I also heard that they will let oh-so-brave-and-cool-tourists-(like-me)-who-will-climb come up the towers again in a few months!

It's been raining a looooooooooooot.... because it's the rainy season that's why, good beejeebles! If it rains we are mostly stuck inside an internet cafe.
my new chucks!!
Internet is cheap and there's one internet cafe open 24/7. Quite tempting when it rains for a very long time. Like , let's say it rains from late afternoon and you were already there, and you can't be bothered getting wet or run to the temple (bar that is!) so you'll stay... until it stops raining even if it'll be around midnight... and if you get hungry you just cross the street and grab some good fried rice.. and then it's 3am and you're done eating, you go back again for more internet... and around 4ish am you are too sleepy so you leave your travel buddy (he wants more) and pay 5dollars for an overnight inernet galloooooore. Been there, done that!

PS. I would put up more pictures but it takes a decade to put them all so I am just sharing a few right now. I am probably married with kids to Torres already when I am done uploading the rest....
Real_PeaceWarrior says:
It's all that time in internet cafes, keeping us all updated, but I'm sure the tuk tuk drivers only dislike you ...... how could anybody hate you? Swear on Irish car bombs, not sure about that sentiment though and married to Torres, I think there's a pretty long queue forming for that, so you'll have to get in line! Keep up the fun and updates!
Posted on: Aug 16, 2008
ktk123 says:
I love Angkor Wat.

Check out night clubs in Siem Riep (if you're still there) - B.K. and Zone 1.
Posted on: Aug 15, 2008
skydiver says:
This trip of yours sounds more like an "internet cafe allround tour", hahaha.
Posted on: Aug 15, 2008
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who says were getting along?
who says we're getting along?
my camera is so uber cool! smile j…
my camera is so uber cool! smile …
my new chucks!!
my new chucks!!
and this is me. :P
and this is me. :P
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