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Sometimes I feel like I've been traveling like forever, then sometimes I feel like it was only yesterday when I first started the journey, and sometimes.. sometimes I'm just confused. It was 19 months ago, when I left my comfort lazy zone and pursued a life of a nomad. I was living a very very different life before that like an out of college bastard (still am though), stay at home family burden who watches a lot of Jay Leno's,  very idle and extremely lazy, and the only social life I have was online.  My nosy neighbors and even long lost relatives were 'worried' about me and thought I was already mentally disturbed, blaming Jay Leno, and so they convinced my mom that I should get a shrink and worse... a job! She and I fought a lot and it was in August of 2006 when I've had it. I had a talk to my mom and told her that I will not be a burden anymore but only after she lends me money so I can fly to London. She was very supportive of my plan and just wanted me to leave, I wondered why! It took me weeks to pack the stuff I'm going to leave, listing down all my fake DVDs so none will be stolen by my uncle, and then of course the stuff I will bring with. It was September of that year.

So off to London I was... oooops nope! I didn't make it to London as I've changed my mind when I've realized that it'll be hard to go there with very limited money and not knowing anyone aside from Harry Potter. So off I went to my aunt in Oslo, Norway and became a burden to her! My stay there was very nice. I got to learn the language by self-studying somehow from a book and then loads of TV (no Jay Leno though, bummer!), met a lot of friends and randoms but the closest friend I had was a 4 yr old kid who I was babysitting for as it was my part time job there. I enjoyed most of it but I know I wasn't going to stay long in Oslo after three months of living there and so I decided to go pursue London again.

So off to London I was... and I did make it! I turned 20 then and had a great time touring the city even though I was supposed to look for a job. My aunt went with me and when she left and I was going to be all by myself, the crybaby in me has put me in trouble when I cried in front of her as she was going to leave for the airport. Reason? I was sad! Jeeeez! I was totally fine the next day but too bad my aunt bought me tickets already and was expecting me to go back to Oslo. I felt guilty when I was going to change my mind and decide to go for it since I was actually totally fine on my own and I found a job!! But I ended up going back to Oslo with hopes for London the next time just to not disappoint my aunt. So I was back to being a burden. I didn't want a permanent job because I didn't want to have a reason to extend my stay. The only traveling I got to do during my stay was the weekend drives to the nearest grocery store in Sweden to buy ugh what else but groceries there! After three months again I left.  It was much harder to leave Oslo this time though but I had to.

I went to visit the Philippines, home, my roots where people think I need to get a shrink! But before that I had a short trip to Hamburg to visit my friend, Phydie, who I also found mental this time, and then we went to Marseilles and Rome for an awesome time. Back home I arrived with only 2 euros in my pocket but with 20 kilos of chocolates of course.  Date check, it was late April of last year. I checked my DVDs and amazingly, not one was stolen.  The month after that I went to Hong Kong and Shenzhen with my brother and a friend from high school. Dang, it was hot there. A week after I got back from that trip I flew to Japan.

Japan, Japan, Japan. My dream country! Other than the fact that me and my other aunt there weren't going along well because she complains what a burden I was, Japan was simply amazing. I was there for one great but humid and earthquake-ish summer from June to August.  I tried improving my Japanese but unsuccessful. I left and went back to the Philippines without accomplishing my dream of getting a cute japanese boyfriend named Keita Tachibana (google! he's cute!).

Back again to my mental home, I was able to find a family I can au pair for in Germany but work will not start until November and I will be flying there in October and it was still September so I went to Thailand and Cambodia first with another friend my high school. Flew right after that to Hamburg and ventured off for our eurail trip to Munich, Basel, Zurich, Luzern. Luxembourg, Brussels, Brugges, Amsterdam and Braunschweig with Phydie (blog not yet finished).  While waiting for November, I stayed over at Phydie's place for two weeks, back to being a burden and with only 20euro cash and 140eur on my ATM to my name, which are saved in case of emergency like grave danger or a Backstreet Boys Concert.

November finally came and I flew to the south of Germany where grumpy schnitzels were not rare.  The family I chose were americans who will be living here for three years and they want to see as much as they can while they're here, meaning I can get to travel as well! The whole weekends of December were busy with Christmas markets in Rothenburg, Ulm, Esslingen, Strasbourg etc. I had two weeks vacation this time and used all of these days for my solo eurail trip. I went to see the south first for more Christmas markets in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Heidelberg and made my way up north to Cologne, Dusseldorf (met Lauro for the very first time) and Hamburg. Spent a weird Christmas in Hamburg and went my way up farther north to Copenhagen, Malmo and Stockholm. Went my way back down this time as there's no plan of going to North Pole. Spent a weird new yr's in Hamburg then froze myself in Berlin and met a couple of nice travbuddies there. One travbuddy gave me her rail pass which I was able to use for Salzburg! It was all amazing. But I hate my roommates in the hostel in Stockholm though!

I didn't get to rest because after a week of work I left again and for my birthday trip this time.  Still with the same eurail pass, I spent a weekend in wonderful Paris and then made my way to Barcelona and then back to work. Weekend after that wasn't free again, I went with the family for a weekend trip to Regensburg and then to Heidelberg and Darmstadt too. And the weekend after??? I went back to Salzburg on a roadtrip for the salt mines. And the weekend after that was finally free, phew. But the weekend in Amsterdam for that crazy meetup happened after! Two weeks after I had a small trip to Dachau on my own and then the weekend after I went with the family to Belgium Centre Parc. Ugh, see how many blogs I have to write!! Not yet done! We went to Greece in March, no expense paid for me.

April had a great start because of the BACSKTREET BOYS CONCERT in Stuttgart!! Then there was also the sleepless meetup in Dusseldorf. Now it's May and I just got back from a trip to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg with the family. In two short days I'm off to Poland to start a very long series of trips that will probably 'end' in October.  After that I will still be traveling and traveling and traveling, with occasional visits to the mental home.



Do I love what I do in my life right now? YES! Even though people have criticized me, my mentality and my loveless life (in terms of romance i mean, jeez this is embarassing!), I am still going to continue this journey.  I am not looking for a life like most people have. I want a life that I can say I have lived with all my heart.  I have been called stupid many times because of how I chose to live but I will never stop just because they think they were living the 'right life' and I am not. I just see things differently in life.  I want to satisfy my dreams and not what other people want to see me doing.  But not everyone's like me, other people can easily be discouraged and it's sad that other people just won't let them be who they want to be. 

Nothing's wrong nor stupid with a person who lives his/HER life knowing it's his only chance to work for his/her dreams, see the beauty of the world and love all that life is giving us.

And the Nobel Peace Price goes to......

oltrego says:
kakaiba ka! :D
Posted on: Jul 17, 2008
ctjevans says:
haha, I so relate to most of your first paragraph... watching too much TV, feeling idle, lazy, and having only a social life online, but I did it in reverse and turned that way after extensive travels. you're really fortunate to have the safety net of a good family to provide you a home base with free room and board and a place to keep your stuff while you're away as well as relatives abroad who will support put you up when you visit.

omg, bsb concerts? LOL! are they even still together?

what was wrong with your roommate in Stockholm - snorer, flatulent, thief? haha

nice summary... it is amazing how blinded people can be to alternative paths in life. when I tell recruiters that I took a couple of years off from work to travel, they don't return my calls, but friends/family are usually just impressed that I'm not homeless (yet!) ;-) but they may question my mentality a little too.

keep traveling, Hanie, and thanks for sharing your views and experiences with the rest of us. you have a great life and should be proud of how you’re living it.
Posted on: Jun 01, 2008
catalina says:
I finished reading this time :) Congratulations you are actually very very lucky because first of all you are not alone in your insanity, like you and like me there are a lot of "nomads" wanting to live the life just like that!! And secondly: you are lucky because you are able to do it, i think your nationality helps you a lot. My biggest barrier for not been able to travel are the damn f...g visas and permits to stay in Europe.. and of course.. the money! Where did you get those contacts for au-paring? Though i don´t think i´m patient enough to care for a child everyday.. i have 3 lovely nephews but that´s other story.. i gave them back to my sis when i can´t stand them anymore jajaja
Great Blog!
Posted on: May 31, 2008
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