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There's a motorcycle in this internet cafe. INSIDE! Come on, can it not get any louder? And I love the pollution thats coming out of it. I guess this is so Vietnamese and I love experiencing new things really. 7 am, everyone's already out and about, millions of motorbikes pass by honking and honking, a policeman (or some sort) was just screaming at one old lady, and so many random randoms!

Darn, my guesthouse wouldn't let me use their internet yet even though I can use it already at this time. The reception girl there named Thom (added on my facebook already) scares the bejeebles out of me! I used to think she was really nice until I finally noticed she has a multiple personality... erm, disorder or some crack! I can't seem to know if she's really genuinely nice by giving me free beer, telling me I'm prettty (ha what can i say), and etc etc, or maybe she's just playing with me so I can buy all the Vietnamese sim cards she's selling at a ridiculously expensive price (but I bought one anyway?!), book flights from her, book the Halong Bay tour from her as well for a price that doesn't give justice to proper usage of calculators and exchange rates (whatever) and she wants us to pay extra if we want to use aircon in our room which doesn't make sense because we can still use it anyway even if we just paid for fan (because they can not take out the aircon out of the room now, duh). And she wasn't smiling to me this morning when I woke her up so I can use internet... She's changed too soon!

Anyhoo, the bus ride from/to hell wasn't so bad at all. I managed quite well but not Jear. He condemns bus rides that long. There were a couple of Vietnamese guys I got to talk to when we stopped by somewhere in Lao. They tried to guess where I was from and they thought I was from Pakistan. Seriously, is my face that confusing I get to be guessed with every nationality on Earth/Universe? They said my eyes are very big... which are nice they added immediately. The moment, that very long moment, at the border of Lao-Vietnam was the most frustrating morning in my life as far as I can remember (but my memory never gets too far now)! We were there for a couple of hours and oh I was sooo terrified our bus would leave us as we wait for our passports to be stamped  and we will be stuck there where we have no any idea where the hell we were exactly.  I even paid 200,000 dong to the immigration guy for I dont know what reasons and he was supposed to give me change, like 180,000 dong of change! Oh dear, glad it's over now. It was hellish.

Erm, what else am I gonna say. There's more I know but I can't.. remember... Oh! The attention... The attention I'm getting as I walk on the streets here. Everyone, or let's say every Vietnamese guys, and some women too, some children, always keep on staring at me... and I'm feeling it! Bwahahahahahaha. Maybe they're just wondering what kind of species I am... with my dazzling big eyes...... Or maybe I shall get a Vietnamese husband eh?

darlingwish says:
oh thanks! the trip is going crazy still! im gonna go crazier after this! hehehehehe
Posted on: Aug 10, 2008
blurbmoi says:
hahaha! love this Hanie, real funny! true, same thing I felt everybody close to poking you to find out what nationality you are and yes everybody tries to guess wrongly where youre from:-0 how's the trip so far?
Posted on: Aug 10, 2008
JeAr says:
whatev! :P
Posted on: Aug 07, 2008
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