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Despite changing from one bus to another, and two changes of metro lines as well from the airport I found my hostel easily. It's a good hostel and the guy on the reception was quite charming. It was late at night already but I didn't plan to sleep soon so I just hanged (or hung?) around the hostel and it was mostly just me and him. But I'm not very romantic and cheesy so after too many glances and smiling from both of us (I'm not making this up) I got confused and at one point and I suddenly blurted out "What?!!" with a bit of annoyance and then he ran away. I will miss him.

It was my master plan to stay awake all night and make the most of free internet even though I had to stand up for five hours as there are no chairs provided! Slept already in the morning and one of the last ones to wake up. Ohhhhh and the first thing I had to see was a naked guy's back (completely)? And why did he have to turn around to expose his hoola woola (invented word)? He must have had some night huh. And I saw him on the streets and said hello as if nothing traumatic (for my part) happened. Got me lost for 5 minutes until I got back to my senses.

I know I might just be hallucinating but I think guys here (not just locals) have sensed my charms and I tried so hard to keep up with it until I expose the real me. I was on a tram stop and there was this two japanese guys in a tram who I tried to be cute for and so I pretended I was just looking around when actually I was a bit lost (because of the hoola woola thing!) and found a seat and fell off the seat because the seat was not seat-able and the two japanese dudes who were quite charming as well laughed at me but I still pretended that I didn't fall even though there was evidence! But still I feel so charming bwahahahaha.

Oh by the way, someone stole (or threw away) my Smack this noon at the hostel (instant noodles from Budapest that Wayne bought that drooonken night and he passed on the leftovers to me as a burden) but I don't really mind. I've always wanted to get rid of them anyway!

At this moment, almost 5 am in the morning, people in the hostel are still (or already) wide awake and one drunk english dude just asked me if I have seen english people here. Why are they awake at this time? And me? Well I slept at 9pm last night and woke up at 3 am and people in our dorm room were walking around not looking like they just woke up or would be sleeping anytime soon. Am I missing something? I am completely and utterly confused.

Update: It's 5.37 now and the hoola woola guy is now my friend on facebook. Anything can happen in this world (or hostel!).
oltrego says:
i like this blog! very funny! :D
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
darlingwish says:
hahaha cheers!
Posted on: Jun 24, 2008
momiji says:
hahaha!! cheers to hoola woola guy ;) so funny!!
Posted on: Jun 20, 2008
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