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I will tell you why I have this blog even if you don't care. It's end of May already as you all know but I still haven't finished blogging my trips from October of last year and here I am again, leaving soon this place that has been my home for a very long time.... 7 months to be exact, and that is like 65 million years for normal people like you mister! I have been working as an au pair since November but I was still able to travel a lot making Germany as my 'home base', which means I still have loads of travel blogs to write but was unable to do so mainly because I got lazy, watched too much korean and japanese dramas and didn't have enough inspiration to work on the blogs every night. Yes, those mostly non-sense blogs I have made were inspired, believe it or believe it.

Now really, I will tell you why I have this blog. Since I don't want to wait until I can get the other blogs done before I start the blogs for this very much anticipated trip, which will be done after 5 months (55 million years), I have decided and thought a lot about it that I will make a blog where I can update people where the hell I am, put my thoughts about my travels while I'm on the road (which will be different 65  million years after thats why its very very important but still quite useless),  share information that will never be useful to other travelers,  scribble some short stories and mostly hallucinations, maybe even post in a couple of pictures every now and then if permitted by fate,  and whatever else there is a mental could do in travbuddy.  Once I am idle again sometime after October, or just whenever I am idle as chances of more extensions to this particular trip is very huge, I will make other separate blogs with detailed stories of my everyday hallucinations and 1456789 million pictures even if you don't really care.

So here you go, I am promising to make more blogs and at the same time saying that korean and japanese dramas are keeping me from finishing my travel blogs. But you have to keep in mind that I have been working and since I will only have two days of work left and I am in no plans of getting a job until next year, I will definitely have loads of time for all of these stuff. Loads of time!

Where am I going anyway? Everywhere. Loads of places. Many cities. Tons of airports and stations. Hostels. Campsites. Not one decent hotel. Not in Antarctica. Random houses. Free museums. Free food and drinks. 1,768 cathedrals and temples. KFC. Mountains. Hills. Volcanoes. Beaches. Rivers. Canals. Castles. Palaces. Caves. Europe. Southeast Asia. Really not in Antarctica. Don't make me count the countries. Don't make me count the cities as well I have a headache. Home.

Of course, I will have to drop by home, the Philippines, the country of so many people which supplies the world's unnecessary demand for mentals. I'm looking forward to it the most and it is here where I will spend my idle days as I wonder where I will move to next. There's no place like my home: free food, free house, great supply of pirated korean and japanese dramas DVDs (and mentals again), no need to work, friends, family, and of course, my bank account which I have purposedly locked to avoid getting broke (and to which I blame my sufferings here in Europe!).

Daaang! I'm excited but I don't feel like I'm ready yet. I'm still in the long process of packing and I really want to pack as light as I can, learn from my many mistakes so I can live a happy life with no stinky salonpas on my shoulders and neck. I just have to remember bringing the most important stuff like passports, money, camera, memory cards, and as much decent undies that i have but it turns out i might have to bring the ones with snoopy designs too.

Anyhoooooo, a new chapter in my life begins. When you want it the most there's no easy way out.. When you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt... Don't give up on your faith... (can not continue, out of topic!) Some Celine Dion song huh?


*pictures coming up soon*

gabee81 says:
So what are the necessary equipments then? Passport, water, credit card, smartphone and maybe a few clean underwear? :'D
Posted on: Nov 29, 2015
Biglush_23 says:
I have always told everyone that to me: Forever lasts about 5 minutes hahahaha!! Sometimes in the humidity of summer, serenaded by the disorienting affects of cicadas in unison, my head will go warm and fuzzy, and i'll feel like spinning in circles and falling to the ground...then i realize im in a totally random place, in a random country, then i try to walk myself backwards, and piece together why i had the desire and took the trouble to be there in the first place ^^ somehow you always realize that all the trouble was half the fun!! After closing my eyes and inhaling my exact place & time in the universe, time-stamped into my subconscious, i return back to reality (if you can call it that hahaha) and take the next five minutes...another eternity, another slice of forever!!

"Carry on, carry on...nothing really matters. Any way the wind blows..." - Queen
Posted on: Dec 05, 2008
kimikoi says:
mmm... after quickly browsing through this post, my question remains: WHERE r you going lady?..:) do mail me. I am in the middle of exmas right now, so i am pretty busy. i am going to wroclaw, poland tomorrow though to take a break:) let me know your whereabouts, i hope to catch you soon.
Posted on: Jun 27, 2008
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