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I've never been a runner!!! I was playing soccer but it's not the same.

2005: year of changing!!! I had to stop playing soccer (at certain level) 'cause my work did not permit me to follow all the trainings, trips etc...Now I still play soccer but with friends, not in a serious way as before...I spent all the summer in relax and enjoying my holidays but in september when I felt the smell of the grass something started missing inside me. I was missing the feeling of the competition, the adrenaline,the fatigue . So I decided to run. At first I was running just for fun, for fill up my missing of adrenaline, but later on I had to put a target during the way and this target was New York City Marathon. I still remember the date.

..8th december 2005: I woke up in the morning and I turned on my Tv, watching different channels I paid attention to a program. They were showing NY and watching this I said to myself : "This is your target mate! You have to run the NYCM". At first, thinking to run for 42 km, was something impossible and far from my potentiality...but I said to myself "You can do it, if you want do it!!!". I started training on January, day by day, step by step...3,5,7,10 km than target at 15km, than at 20km, than 25km than 30,33km...that's it. I never run 42 km. Maximum  33km. But I finished in NY.

When you get the feel powerful.

2006 my target was to run all the marathon, without a time...well honestly I put a limit time and was not more than 5 hours.

I run in 4h.16m

2007 my target was to run at least 2 min better than 2006

I run in 4h.05m for the 2009 I've  a new target. Run within 4 hours.

I did not run others marathon, maybe one day I'll try London or Berlin or Boston...but at the moment I want to train my self for the next level... I'll try and we'll see...

I'm quite sure to achieve this target 'cause running with 2 millions of people giving you power through clapping hands, cheering, music, singing...

Running in NY you can't feel alone, you're running with 39.000 runners and 2  millions to the sides of the street...tks to this you can''t feel drawn.


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