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Planes make me happy.
Sitting next to an obnoxious, drunken, fat and smelly Australian whose elbows leeched over into my seat was not so happy-making, but as I slept solidly through most of the flight, it wasn´t too bad, really.
Flying through a sunrise was spectacular - it reminded me off my room as a child (A particular shade of apricot that really shouldn´t be as comforting as it is).
My first view of South America was stunning - a stretch of beach that would make 90 mile go & cower in shame, then the plane banked and I saw the Andes stretching out from one end of the world (as I knew it) to the other. Love at first sight!
Saniago is a bit of an odd one for me. It´s absolutely beautiful in its smoggy, delightful way. There are so many things that are similar (motorways. I don´t know why, but  I expected motorways to be different. Thinking about it though, how many ways can you really make a hunk of concrete look that different?) but there are so many things that are different (Smog. We hates it, precious! Then there are the dogs. Why are there so many beautiful dogs wandering around the city?).
I set off to buy my ticket for La Serena this morning, but didn´t really look at my map, and just started wandering instead. An hour and a half later, I conceded that I was never going to find the bus station by sheer luck, so I might as well return to the hostel, write some blog & take a quick look at a map or two. So, y´know, I know where I´m going and stuff. I know I´m supposed to use the subway, but that´s a little too daunting even for my new found adventurous spirit!

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photo by: Bluetraveler