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I{ve entrenched myself into my little adobe paradise for another day. Not particularly because I get overly enthusiastic over the sandboarding, biking, paragliding and assorted other delights that await us tourists here, but because there is something unparalled about lazing around the Plaza de Armas, reading or chilling out in my cool little room listening to the coca/oxygen/poison of your choice induced conversations of the rowdy German tourists seperated from me by a rather insubstantial wall.

Yesterday we had some mighty fine vistas to take in, most notably our guide. Thanks to Latin American men being first in line when the good look genes were passed out, I manage to cultivate at least a crush a day. Oh, tour, right!

Six in the morning is bitterly cold in San Pedro. Bitterly! An hour later, when we were safely at the Chaxa Lagoon despite our drivers tendency to drive like a bat, with grand prix ambition, out of hell, we were all bemoaning said cold, apart from the pommy boys who had decided to wear shorts and could barely talk for the chattering of their teeth.

Sunrise over the Salar was beautiful, and yes, I have plenty photos of everything, but you all will just have to put up with my literary witticisms instead of visual aids to your imagination Im afraid. There were Flamingos, looking as ridiculous as they do on postcards, yet strangely endearing at the same time.

After that we made our way to a little village, where we went for a mini hike up a little canyon type thing where our guide showed us all the different plants and their various uses, most of which let off a very pleasant scent when crushed between your fingers. Im already used to not smelling nice, so I was quite enamoured.

Next on the agenda was 4,000m, beautiful lakes, vicuñas and a rather friendly Fox that waltzed right up to our van and posed obligingly for us. I might like altitude, but altitude doesnt take well to tresspassers in her domain, and reached into my chest and sent my heart pounding with one hand, and started squeezing my lungs with the other. Once Lady Altitude decided shed tortured me long enough, I was free to enjoy the said lakes, which are something awesome, and are home to the rather pretty vicuñas, a little short-haired version of a llama.

Talking of Llamas, after we had taken our fill of altitude we headed back down to the village and had lunch, before heading out to a little workshop where we found a llama in the backyard, right next to another llama pelt drying in the sun! Eep!

So, that was yesterday, and today Im going to take a day where I do nothing except perhaps read in the sun. I also need to find somewhere to buy a pen because this lack of any stress is slowly leaking out creativity, bit by bit.

Enjoy your day, amigos!


ubergroove says:
Mini-llamas and relaxation ftw!!
Posted on: Jun 09, 2008
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